Ross Video: Abekas Replay & Video Server Product Lines Revamped with New Channel Configurations, Media Storage, Codecs and Lower Prices

New for NAB2019: Abekas Replay & Video Server Product Lines Revamped with New Channel Configurations, Media Storage, Codecs and Lower Prices

Ross Video today announced a host of improvements across the Abekas Replay & Video Server product lines. Customers now have access to new channel configurations, new media storage capacities and new codecs – all at a price lower than before.

On the Mira Replay side, the premium Mira server has been re-branded to Mira+. Mira+ replay systems fitted with AVC-Intra hardware are now offered in 6-, 8- and 12-channel models. In addition, Mira+ media storage capacity is increased to 280 hours or 580 hours. The economical Mira Express replay system remains unchanged, providing the same affordable 4-ingest/2-playout functionality as before. Meanwhile, The Mira Control Surface has a new look that draws inspiration from the Carbonite Black; same functionality as before – way cooler look!

Another noteworthy feature now available to the Mira+ and Mira Express replay systems, is the MiraTouch control interface. MiraTouch is a Dashboard-based system for tailored, touchscreen control in live horse racing production applications - with additional sports coming soon.


On the Tria Video Server side, the premium Tria server has been re-branded to Tria+. Tria+ video servers fitted with AVC-Intra hardware are now offered in 4-, 8- and 12-channel models. In addition, media storage has been increased to 40-, 80- or a massive 580-hours of capacity. The Tria Express clip server now supports the AVC-Intra codec, which is a much better fit for modern, file-based editing workflows. Tria Express with AVC-Intra also allows for 1080p video formats, which dramatically improves image quality of fast-moving content presented on large, in-venue displays.

Both the premium Mira+ and Tria+ servers have been upgraded with a new high-performance motherboard that vastly improves overall server performance. The motherboard also adds 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, greatly enhancing Growing File Export capability. Just mere seconds after live capture, MXF media files from recording inputs can be continuously written to a NAS, with all files accessible by active edit bays.


Perhaps most importantly, prices have been substantially reduced across the entire Tria and Mira product lines. Customers of the premium Plus-class servers get more power, more channels and more storage – for less. Meanwhile, the great server functionality of the Express-class product lines is more affordable than ever before.

The newly-revamped Mira+ and Tria+ systems are available for order now, with shipments beginning in June.


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