Roland Systems Group Introduces V-4EX Video Mixer

The Roland V-4EX will debut at ISE Stand #70-H180 and is expected to be released March 2013

Roland Systems Group yesterday launched the Roland V-4EX at ISE Amsterdam- the next-generation of live performance video mixers joining the V-4 and V-8 lineup. The Roland V-4EX advances the industry-standard Roland V-4 four channel video mixer by incorporating HDMI inputs/outputs, USB streaming, HDCP support, built-in touch multi-viewer as well as audio embedding. The impressive feature set of the V-4EX adds to the built-in effects and unique user interface that has made the V-4 one of the besting selling video mixers of all time.

The versatility of the Roland V-4EX make it suitable for many applications, including clubs, concerts, worship, events, meetings, trainings, weddings, education, and sporting events. The compact design is ideal for portable applications as well as permanent installations where a small footprint is required.

The innovative design of the V-4EX incorporates a video switcher, audio embedding, preview monitor and streaming-ready USB output all in a single unit.  Inputs one to three feature composite (BNC) or HDMI while input four accepts HDMI, RGB/Component or S-video. The output boasts scaled-up HDMI, RGB/component, or SD composite with an additional HDMI output for external preview monitor. In addition to a number of powerful video effects, the user interface incorporates dial controls for effects on each bus and master output dial. With a stereo RCA audio input allowing you to embed audio into the HDMI outputs and USB stream, the Roland V-4EX is especially useful for web streaming and recording applications. As a USB Video/Audio class device, web streaming is effortless by simply connecting to a computer running a live streaming service. The output can also be easily recorded using Roland’s free Video Capture for Windows software or by using QuickTime on a Mac.


The V-4EX features a built-in audio mixer with up to 4 frames delay to “lip-sync” your video source and also supports HDCP video allowing you to mix copyright protected material such as game consoles and Blu-ray content in your live production. HDMI inputs one to three accept video resolutions up to 480p/576p and HDMI input four accepts resolutions up to 1080p and RGB up to WUXGA (1920x1200). Although internal processing is SD-based, the output can be scaled up to 1080p or 1920x1200.