Roland Systems Group Announces iPad Control for M-480 Digital Console


Roland Systems Group is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated iPad application to control their award winning M-480 Digital Console.  This much requested ‘App’ has been designed to control the parameters of the M-480, as well as giving the user practical features such as the ability to store scenes and edit the Channel Strip (EQ), GEQ and Sends on Fader.

Connecting the new Roland Wireless Connect USB adaptor to the M-480 USB port will enable the M-480 to appear on a wireless network so that the iPad can connect to and control the M-480 remotely. Then by simply using the wireless LAN to connect, the user is able to make the necessary level adjustments from different locations within a venue, rather than being restricted to the position of the console.

As well as the obvious benefits of ease of use and mobility, this dual screen set up can also be utilised by the radio mic technician to check and monitor each microphone as they are handed out during a live performance, without any interruptions to the show.


“The success of the iPad as a tool in live audio applications is clear. This dedicated App is an important step in our development of remote controlled applications for operators”, commented Simon Kenning, Sales Manager RSG UK.

The beta version of the app will be demonstrated at InfoComm Booth C10308 and is expected to be released in the App Store Q3 2012.

About the new Roland Wireless Connect USB adaptor
The hardware portion of Roland Wireless Connect is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter WNA1100-RL (that plugs into the USB port on a Roland product or instrument. In order for the mobile device to communicate with compatible Roland Pro Audio Product, you need a wireless LAN access point with Internet connection