Robert Juliat Introduces Creative Concept Light at SIEL 2013


Robert Juliat will be exhibiting at SIEL 2013, occupying the space familiar to last year’s visitors (Stand C88) next to the ‘Forum des Innovations’. The company will introduce Creative Concept Light by Robert Juliat, a new concept in lighting formulated to illustrate its forthcoming range of unique TIBO luminaires. The full TIBO range will be previewed at SIEL.

Robert Juliat’s new TIBO family is now complete and presents a fully interchangeable range of modular fixtures which provides a complete solution to any lighting need.

“This is where Robert Juliat’s Creative Concept Light comes in,” explains Sales Director Claus Spreyer. “Imagine seven notes of music – how many ways they can be combined to obtain different variations of style and rhythm to generate a plethora of different emotions. Similarly, the Tibo range provides a wide range of component options from which the designer can choose, to compose the lighting of their choice - a symphony of possibilities one might say. We believe it is a new concept for lighting professionals and we are the only manufacturer who can supply a single range to cover so many solutions.”


Tibo offers a ‘mix and match’ choice of lightsource (LED, tungsten halogen or discharge), lens type (Fresnel or profile) and body colour and a new option of variable white LED source. Each lantern benefits from the same impeccable attention to bodywork and optical system that is present in every Robert Juliat fixture. The TIBO range has been entered into the ‘Etoiles du SIEL’ Awards.


Robert Juliat will also be occupying a lighting showroom on the Mezzanine (Room MEZ3-2) with 70m2 dedicated to showing the newest fixtures in the Robert Juliat range.

To see the Tibo range in its pre-release form, come along to the Robert Juliat stand (C88) or showroom (MEZ3-2) at SIEL 2013, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris. 4-6 February 2013 and tell us what you think.