Robe Receives Full Spectrum in Bolivia

Robe Receives Full Spectrum in Bolivia

On the left is Guillermo Traverso, Robe’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America, and on the right is Spectrum owner, Huascar Hermosa. The picture was taken at “Cristo de la Concordia” in Cochabamba, central Bolivia

Top Bolivian rental and production Company Spectrum, based in Cochabamba in the centre of the country nestled in a valley amidst the magnificent peaks of the Andes mountain range has invested in 12 x Robe LEDBeam 1000 fixtures and 16 x Pointe multi-purpose moving lights.

Purchasing a premium brand like Robe helps establish Spectrum as one of the most significant and serious players in the Bolivian production industry.

The company works across all sectors and is particularly well known as a lighting provider for concerts, festivals, tours and live events as well as TV and theatre productions and corporate activations.

Spectrum’s owner Gonzalo Hermosa is a well-known singer / songwriter, successful composer and founder of famous Bolivian folk band Los Kjarkas. He has long had a vision of driving the quality of production for shows, tours and events in the country upwards to new levels of excellence.

He and son Huascar decided to purchase Robe products because they want Spectrum to be the best and the ‘go-to’ option for lighting professionals and leading Bolivian productions that care about the core values of how their shows are staged.


Gonzalo’s vast experience of first-hand stage performance as an artist gives him a great perspective and a very clear idea of what does and doesn’t work, and the types of equipment and effects that will transform a stage show from ‘standard’ to one a truly exceptional experience .. and this is what he wanted for Spectrum.

They conducted a large amount of research before making the commitment to one manufacturer.

Huascar initially saw both Pointes and LEDBeam 1000s in action on other events in Latin America and was suitably impressed, and he also spoke to several friends and colleagues about these and other fixtures to get a fuller picture of how the brand is perceived.

Gonzalo likes the LEDBeam 1000s for their fabulous fat-beams and smooth colour mixing, functions which are essential for any show.


They also met with Guillermo Traverso, Robe’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America who added his product knowledge into the equation when discussing the best long-term solutions for the company.

“The design and ergonomics of both types of fixtures is good and they are also very practical to use” stated Gonzalo, adding, “their small size and light weight make them ultimately portable which is another great asset, and one that reduces truck space and costs!”

By combining creativity with quality and the right products, artists can produce great shows, a strategy that has positioned Spectrum as a pioneer in illumination throughout Bolivia and across the rest of Latin America.

“Many of the results have been thanks to utilizing Robe’s technology which is helping us to realise and deliver more imaginative and interesting shows for our clients,” he concluded.


Guillermo comments, “This company is bringing us closer to the sky – quite literally – I’m talking about the altitude of Bolivia which is well known as the ‘Roof of Latin America’. It’s been a pleasure and an honour that Gonzalo Hermosa and Huascar have trusted the Robe brand to the extent of basing their new lighting company Spectrum around Robe fixtures. We look forward to seeing the lights in action in the upcoming months on multiple shows, from beautiful local folklore acts to international rock ‘n’ roll bands”.