Robe Installed at MNet Studio, Korea

The studio is owned and operated by CJ Entertainment & Media

Robe moving lights have been installed in the E&M TV studio in Seoul, Korea, which is dedicated to producing music shows – both pre-recorded, live and often with live audiences - for the MNet broadcasting network’s 24 hour music channel.

The Robes – 30 x ROBIN MMX Spots, 24 x ROBIN 100 LEDBeams and eight ColorBeam 2500E ATs were specified by Mr JaeWoo Choi owner of rental company RGB, and supplied via Robe’s Korean distributor, ArtTech Lighting Co., ltd.

RGB services all the lighting needs of the E&M Studio and the MNet music channel, and when the time came for new moving lights in the studio, Robe was an obvious choice.

RGB has been using the brand for 10 years – ever since it was launched - and knows first-hand the reliability and creative potential of the products.


JaeWoo Choi comments, “After ten years of experience using Robe in all types of scenarios and applications, I can honestly say that their products stay ahead of the rest on reliability and innovative features, and the current ROBIN series is no exception. These luminaires were the perfect choice for the studio”.

30 x ROBIN MMX Spots, 24 x ROBIN 100 LEDBeams and 8x ColorBeam 2500E


RGB also took into account the opinions and views of the various operators who work at the studio before laying down the final spec. Naturally they wanted all the latest technology available, and so chose the MMX and LEDBeam 100 products, together with the ColorBeam 2500s.

ArtTech Lighting’s Mr Daein Yoon explains that their television customers are really appreciating functions like hot spot control and in the case of the MMX, the amazing animation/gobo wheels and also the on-board wireless remote access.

Fast, smooth movement is another key feature, together with brightness. ArtTech also saw the E&M Studio as an ideal opportunity for one of their leading entertainment based clients to showcase the sensational new LEDBeam 100s, and so really encouraged them to take that route.


All the fixtures are movable around the studio which is a multipurpose space that can be configured in a number of different ways to suit the show. They will make a real difference to the quality and dynamics of the programmes that can be produced.


Lighting in the studio is usually operated by Mr Yeondo Kim of RGB using a grandMA2 full size console.

“The Voice Korea” will be one of many major shows to benefit from the new Robe installation.