Remote collaboration fully realized with ELEMENTS Cloud Workspaces

High-performance media storage specialist ELEMENTS will use its presence at IBC2023 (15 – 18 September, RAI Amsterdam, stand 7.B25) to showcase its comprehensive cloud solution, which makes remote and collaborative workflows seamless and intuitive. 

Workspaces are where content is stored on ELEMENTS Solutions. They allow users to organize, access, and share content based on permissions, and with the ELEMENTS Client, users mount the workspaces with a single click. 

ELEMENTS allows the creation of Cloud Workspaces with the same intuitive user experience as local on-premise storage. From the ELEMENTS Client, users can also easily mount and securely access the Cloud Workspaces with a single click. Thanks to the innovative ELEMENTS design, the usual complexities of working with Cloud storage are removed from the user experience. 

Cloud Workspaces, like local disk drives, appear in MacOS Finder or Windows Explorer. The result is quick and seamless access to the right content on any workstation. 

Two-factor authentication and the ELEMENTS permissions management scheme ensure content and information security. Global and granular policies can be set for content access, deletion and sharing. Users only see the content they are permitted to access. 

“Cloud technologies allow us to build workflows that augment on-premise storage solutions,” said André Kamps, CEO of ELEMENTS. “Our approach offers customers a practical balance of storage topologies for their business needs (or for their productions workflows).”  


The ELEMENTS platform enables users to build architectures from different cloud services simultaneously, seamlessly integrated with on-premise storage where required. 

For very high performance, customers will need a service like AWS Elastic Block Store, which, in an ELEMENTS architecture, will deliver the performance previously only available with top-end cloud-based storage. At the same time, they can integrate long-term, low-cost archive storage like AWS S3 or Backblaze B2. 

The addition of ELEMENTS Cloud Workspaces offers flexibility to busy post-production and broadcast companies. It enables them to create agile and cost-effective architectures tailored precisely to operational needs and workflow pressures. Find out more about seamless cloud workflows and the future of storage at or visit ELEMENTS at IBC2023 on stand 7.B25.