Rec4Box Releases oB-LINK: Fiber Linking System

MediorNet based trailer linking creates large virtual production systems

Rec4Box OB Factory announced the development of a fiber-based trailer linking system using the Riedel MicroN MediorNet system.  With a single cable system, all signals from two production trailers are connected together to form much larger “virtual productions spaces”.  All signals are able to be switched from the master trailer and all the major system components: audio/video router, intercom, and audio mixing desk – are aggregated into a larger distributed framework.

“MediorNet has had the power to create these types of distributed networks at its initial introduction.  With the release of MicroN, Riedel provides both the bandwidth and the price-point to make this a reality for our vehicles.  That’s very exciting to us …and to our customers,” said Rob Poretti, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Rec4Box.

“We needed to create a simple linking mechanism, which allows our mid-sized production trailers to tackle the “mega-events” – but at a price-point that traditional vehicles can’t touch,” adds Jonathan Fortin, CTO at Rec4Box.  “oB-LINK transforms our 64x64 Artist intercom into 128x128 – our Studer Vista 128x128 to a 256x256.  All signals aggregate to the sum of the linked vehicles’ signals.  If you need more I/O for a particular event – no problem: simply add it to either trailer and link them up.  That’s crazy power!”


oB-LINK is a single armored cable system, employing a multi-fiber interconnect terminating to an 8-connection fan-out for both trailers.  It takes less than a minute to connect each trailer together and another minute to load configuration files for each linked system. 

MediorNet based trailer linking creates large virtual production systems.


With MetroN, Riedel’s new 10G routing and signal distribution system, the linking system between trailers can optionally be extended to remote production areas: distant camera locations, FOH and stage positions, multi-stage events, and large area outdoor sports like golf or skiing.  Each remote location simply adds some complement of MediorNet devices to create the larger virtual production area.

"This system showcases how MicroN and MetroN can facilitate efficient and economical mobile solutions that allows productions to scale up to meet any requirement," said Lars Höhmann, Skype & MediorNet product manager at Riedel Communications. “MediorNet provides the built-in capability and versatility that Rec4Box needs to make their oB-LINK a viable option for broadcasters.”


About Rec[4]Box OB Factory:
Rec4Box OB Factory designs and manufactures fully integrated, custom, remote production vehicles for the world’s markets. Committed in providing the pinnacle in both value & performance for its customers, Rec4Box OB Factory constantly innovates by evaluating new approaches in production workflows, optimizing work-space ergonomics and implementing state-of-the-art technical solutions. Passionate about live production, Rec4Box delivers its vehicles into live broadcast, sports, live music, theatrical events, corporate AV, and dramatic productions for film & television.