Rec4Box Partners with PDA Agency Inc.

Announces representative agreement for the international markets

REC [4] BOX OB Factory Ltd. manufacturer of mobile production trailers is proud to announce a brand new partnership with PDA Agency Inc. for the sale of its products to the television, sporting and cultural industry on the international market.

"This partnership will enable PDA Agency Inc., to offer the full range of our video equipments. We currently produce outdoor mobile broadcasting trailers using the very latest technologies. Our products are currently available in the North American market and with the addition of PDA Agency Inc, we are looking to expand our presence in the European and Asian markets says Mr. Gilbert Fortin president of REC [4] BOX OB Factory Ltd.

“PDA Agency Inc. is proud of it’s new association with REC [4] BOX OB Factory Ltd.” Indicates president Pierre Angell. “The video production market is in a movement of technological advancement, the products offered by REC [4] BOX OB Factory Ltd. answer a very large part of the needs that productions all over the world are seeking”.


REC [4] BOX OB Factory Ltd. manufactures 4 series of products:
1.    CORSAIR series: 26 ft. version (Mobile Broadcast Trailer)
2.    GALLEON series: 37 ft. version (Mobile Broadcast Trailer)
3.    CLIPPER series: 26 or 37 ft. version (REMI)
4.    CRUISER series: 26 or 37 ft. version (Production Office Trailer)

You can join Pierre Angell at PDA Agency for more informations about our products.
Tel: 514-820-0212 Fax: 450-458-1983 or by Email at:

About Rec[4]Box OB Factory :
Rec4Box OB Factory designs and manufactures fully integrated, custom, remote production vehicles for the
world’s markets.

Committed in providing the pinnacle in both value & performance for its customers, Rec4Box OB Factory
constantly innovates by evaluating new approaches in production workflows, optimizing work-space ergonomics and implementing state-of-the-art technical solutions.

Passionate about live production, Rec4Box delivers its vehicles into live broadcast, sports, live music, theatrical events, corporate AV, and dramatic productions for film & television.