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SVT hosts Circom Regional Conference

The 30th annual CIRCOM conference will be held in Malmö, Sweden. Mainly in Malmö university premises, in Orkanen (the hurricane). Media producers from all over Europe are invited to discuss the future of television and public service . This is the first time the CIRCOM Regional conference is held in Sweden.

SVT/Swedish Television and CIRCOM Regional have the pleasure to invite you to the 30th anniversary of the CIRCOM Regional conference. The 2012 Conference will take place May 17th-19th 2012 in Malmö in the south of Sweden. Under the three key words Reach, Relevance and Responsibility we have put together a programme that will give something for everyone to bring back to their home station. According to the needs, specified by the members of the European Board, the sessions and panels cover the following strands:

* Strategy
* New Media
* Innovation
* Cooperation
* Training
* Finance
* Executive Summit


SVT has also teamed up with the Malmö University and the regional high tech development community Media Evolution in order to offer you sessions with the cutting edge of academic thinking and new media development.

There is an editorial theme of the Conference. Most regional broadcasters face a growing multicultural environment that has an effect on the content, the journalism and the staff. In some cases we are talking about a fruitful development of society and in some cases conflicts and gaps among people. How do we as broadcasters handle the situation, do we have a certain.

responsibility for the development in our regions and do we fully understand the possibilities of this situation? The city of Malmö is a unique multicultural city with 100 languages spoken and 166 nationalities represented, most of them from all over Europe. Malmö is in this regard therefore the perfect context for an editorial discussion on multicultural and minority aspects in society. Join us in this discussion!


The city of Malmö, the Region of Skåne and the local media industry honour the CIRCOM Conference with a Welcoming Buffet, PRIX CIRCOM Gala banquet and The Party. The events will be free of charge for registered CIRCOM delegates and members.

Malmö is very easy to reach. You can drive by car over the bridge from Denmark, or you can fly to Malmö Airport or to Copenhagen Airport. Copenhagen Airport is located only 20 minutes by train from the Conference hotel Radisson Park Inn. Park Inn offers a substantial discount if you register before 16th April 2012.


SVT and CIRCOM Regional are proud to offer you a broad and interesting agenda, fantastic evenings and excursions in order to celebrate the 30th Annual Conference of CIRCOM Regional.

This is simply something you cannot miss!

I am very proud that SVT has been given the honor of hosting this large gathering of European media producers. Regional news and programs produced throughout the country are the core of public service in Sweden and in Europe. Without the representation of the whole country, public service would lose some of its legitimacy, says Eva Hamilton, Managing Director SVT.


I am very happy that the CIRCOM Regional conference will be held in Malmö. It is a city with a strong and exciting cultural life. It is also transforming from an industrial city to a city of knowledge, says Christel Willers,  Director of SVT in Malmö.

We will now be able to cast light on regional and minority programs on our own home ground, says Christina Ågren, Head of Regional and Minority programs at SVT. The annual conference is a unique possibility to meet, compete with and learn from colleagues from all over Europe.

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