RBB Maximizes Routing and Switching Flexibility Across HD Studios

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg in Potsdam

Snell announced that Germany's Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) Potsdam has installed a Kahuna 360 multi-format production switcher, Sirius 830 multi-format hybrid router, and IQ Modular infrastructure to achieve maximum flexibility for two studios newly upgraded to HD. With these Snell systems, RBB Potsdam can operate both studios from a single switcher mainframe and routing switcher, using dedicated control panels for each studio.

"This new Snell installation gives us the flexibility to leverage our studio space and equipment to a much greater advantage, running a higher number of productions more efficiently and cost-effectively," said Wolfgang Hanke, division head of technical production at RBB Potsdam. "We have realized significant workflow benefits already, and as we move forward, the built-in support for 1080p on Kahuna 360 and Sirius 830 will simplify continued enhancement of our HD production capabilities."

Kahuna 360 Switcher, Sirius 830 Router, and IQ Modular Infrastructure Assure Speed and Flexibility for Simultaneous Productions


The single Kahuna 360 mainframe supports both studios at RBB Potsdam, and the system's versatility allows the broadcaster to run multiple, simultaneous productions with differing resource requirements. Kahuna 360 can be easily adapted to any job, and its resources can be allocated as required between studios without spending time on cabling and configuration.

The high-performance 15RU Sirius 830 router facilitates flexible and cost-effective routing of SD, HD, ASI, and 3Gbps signals. Embedded audio and AES/MADI processing modules with Advanced Hybrid Processing support embedded audio routing, audio track swapping, and processing on all inputs and outputs. With this capability, RBB Potsdam has the means to route any combination of embedded, discrete AES and MADI signals without compromise. Because the broadcaster can reconfigure its studios quickly and easily, it is able to move very rapidly from one job to the next.


"RBB has been an important Snell customer for nearly 15 years, using industry-leading solutions from across our product range," said Stefan Geradts, Snell sales director for Central and Eastern Europe. "We're pleased that with its studio upgrades, the company turned to us once again, this time to implement an innovative solution that ensures agile switching and routing to meet the demands of concurrent production operations."

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