Rall Takes Petrol Bags Deca Campack on the Road for Two Music Videos


Music video director/cinematographer Jeremy Rall has been on the road a lot this year. First he was trekking through the Mojave Desert for Marlon Roudette’s “Anti-Hero” music video then he was off to Wales, for LilyGreen and Maguire’s “Ain’t Love Crazy”.

“For both projects we had to move fast through challenging locations and be ready to set up quickly,” says Rall. “Protecting our equipment from the elements was essential.” Rall had heard of Petrol Bags Deca Campack, from Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group brand, and decided to take it on the road for the Marlon Roudette shoot.

“I chose to use the Deca Campack at our location 75 miles northeast of Los Angeles, in the Mojave Desert,” he explains. “We were told that we could not cart anything out into the surrounding area. We needed to carry all of our gear. The Deca Campack allowed us to transport our A and B camera bodies and assorted lenses with ease and efficiency.”


“I like that it is easy to configure the compartments inside,” he adds. “The capacity of the Deca Campack is versatile and provides ample space for gear. Not only could I carry two camera bodies, including the A-camera which was outfitted in a special cage and monitor mounts, we were able to bring out the Digital Tech’s laptop and gear, along with lenses, filters and other gear.”

We set out to shoot the LilyGreen and Maguire video over the course of two days


Rall was so happy with the Deca Campack that he took it to Wales, UK where he again needed to transport gear in a safe and efficient way. “We set out to shoot the LilyGreen and Maguire video over the course of two days,” he explains. “The production team was also on the journey of the road trip. We shot in the picture vehicle, at rocky shores of Marloes Beach, the forest and a number of villages along the way. We travelled from location to location, sometimes as much as 40 minutes apart. Again, we needed to move fast and the bag allowed us to transport our gear with ease.”

“After these two shoots, I’m totally sold on Petrol Bags Deca Campack. The design and versatility is amazing. The construction is sturdy, durable and solid. And the backpack ergonomics are incredible.”


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