Q-Ball for Leading Media Networks in China


Several Q-Ball robotic camera systems from Camera Corps, a Vitec Group Company, and a leading innovator of specialty remote cameras, tracking systems and camera support systems, were recently installed at QQ.com, Hunan TV and CCTV, three leading media companies in China. Each received two Q-Ball robotic camera systems to help capture dynamic footage during studio, sports and special event broadcasts.

Digital Precision Systems, Ltd. (DPS) arranged for the sale of two Q-Balls to both QQ.com and Hunan TV. QQ.com recently built a studio in Beijing dedicated to webcasting, and sought the latest supplemental gear for its primary equipment setup. The Q-Ball offers QQ.com unique angles, including studio-wide angles and close-ups, simplifying workflow and enabling the production team to move quickly from different vantage points with HD video capabilities. In addition, DPS facilitated the sale of two Q-Balls to Hunan TV, which employs the Q-Ball for use during special sporting and live events.

Another local distributer, CSS, sold two Q-Ball camera systems to CCTV. As part of CCTV’s EFP, the Q-Ball systems have been implemented for such events as sports broadcasts, live shows and concerts, helping CCTV capture important moments at exceptional angles. CCTV is also using the cameras in its studio.


Camera Corps’ Q-Ball offers a robust, high-level mini-cam system with excellent performance in the most demanding remote camera applications. An ultra-compact, weather-resistant HD/SD remotely controlled camera, it features an integral 10-times-zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors. Housed in a robust 115-mm diameter aluminium sphere, the Q-Ball camera has a two-megapixel CMOS sensor and is capable of operating in daylight or with infrared illumination. It delivers 1080i/720p high definition or 625/525 standard definition imagery at 50- or 59.94-Hz refresh rates. In addition, its ease of use makes for prompt on-location installation.

“We are always so pleased to hear when the versatility behind the Q-Ball offers broadcasters creative advantages,” says Jim Daniels, technical director, Camera Corps. “The Q-Ball’s ease of use allows QQ.com, Hunan TV and CCTV to obtain wider, more original angles in the studio and in the field during special events.”