Q-99 Makes A Pointe


Slovakia’s leading rental and technical production company Q-99 has added Robe’s new multi-functional ROBIN Pointes to its hire stock – bringing their full stock of Robe moving lights to nearly 500 fixtures.

Headed by the country’s top TV Lighting Designer Martin Kubanka, Q-99 – which also provides video and audio solutions – has always been committed to making the very best technology available for all its clients and their events.
“We eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Pointe,” explains Kubanka. “We all had high expectations, but when the Pointe was actually launched and we saw it in action for the first time … it absolutely surpassed everything in all criteria!”

“It really is a technological miracle!” he exudes.

Q-99 services numerous high profile light entertainment TV shows and events as well as concerts, theatrical productions and corporate projects. “We like to offer the latest technologies to our clients in all departments – not just because they are the latest, but also when it’s appropriate for the job. The Pointe is simply so flexible and dynamic that it fits virtually every scenario that we need to light”.


He adds that the small size and light weight – in addition to the multiplicity of features – are also great advantages.
Q-99’s Pointes were hardly unpacked from their boxes before they went straight onto their first shows including two prestigious children’s charity fundraisers.

Hodina deťom “Children's Hour” organized by the Foundation for the Children of Slovakia and staged at the Hala “C” Incheba


The first was Hodina deťom “Children's Hour” organized by the Foundation for the Children of Slovakia and staged at the Hala “C” Incheba. The organization supports useful and unique projects aimed at enhancing the potential personal development and creativity of children who have had tough lives.

The second was the Ŭsmev jako dar ‘Smile As A Gift’ gala evening and charity concert which also took place at the Hala “C” Incheba.

Ŭsmev jako dar ‘Smile at the Hala “C” Incheba


The show section of the event featured the participation of 58 children from orphanages and foster care facilities all over Slovakia, together with some of the country’s best known popular singers, bands and dancers. It was broadcast on RTVS 1 national TV on Christmas Eve and enjoyed live by 1600 audience mostly from Slovakian children’s homes and projects.

“Both events were very special, and the creative brief in each case was to build a fantastic vibe and ambience,” says Kubanka.

The 44 Pointes were placed on five chevron shaped trusses over the stage and on two side trusses, which extended the wings of the stage out into the auditorium. The Pointes were used for all the main effects and looks.

“The Pointes are so versatile and flexible that these were really all the units that I needed to produce the bulk of the show looks and scenes … as they could do everything,” declares a delighted Kubanka.


He also used 40 x ROBIN LEDBeam 100s and 12 x ROBIN LEDWash 1200s on the two shows.

Q-99 is enjoying an extremely busy winter, and with 2014 also looking buoyant, there are already plans to purchase more Pointes in the near future.