The Pursuit of Perfect Sound

Sennheiser is setting a new standard in digital wireless transmission with its Digital 9000 system

At the 27th Tonmeistertagung (Sound Engineer Convention), taking place from the 22nd – 25th November 2012 at “Congress-Centrum Nord” on the Cologne trade fair grounds, Sennheiser will present their cutting-edge solutions for the audio and event industries. The audio specialist will showcase two new products: the Digital 9000 wireless system and the MKH 8090 wide cardioid studio condenser microphone. During the convention’s lecture programme, Sennheiser experts will provide information on a range of topics, for example on the Digital Dividend and the challenges it brings for sound engineers. Furthermore, budding sound engineers can take part in a Live Mixing Workshop on club PA systems.

At this year’s trade fair, Sennheiser and Neumann will have a joint stand (1-01 to 1-03 on level 1) where visitors will receive detailed product information and will have the opportunity to discuss current industry trends with experts. It is expected that the discussions will concentrate mainly on the effects of the Digital Dividend, and with extensive experience in the field, Sennheiser’s experts will be able to share their thoughts on the latest developments. “The LTE mobile wireless standard has now arrived in larger cities, considerably changing the circumstances that sound engineers operate their wireless equipment in,” says Ties-Christian Gerdes, CEO of Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service. “We deliver targeted assistance by analysing our customers’ current situation and supporting them with individual solutions based on their specific needs.” Gerdes and Burkhard Hentschel from the Cologne Stages (“Bühnen der Stadt Köln”) will present a frequency change-over scenario with many practical tips during a discussion session held on 23rd November from 9.30.

Digital 9000 sets new standards
Launched in September, Digital 9000 is set to provide flawless results even in a complex RF environment. Developed for broadcast professionals, (musical) theatres and high-profile live audio events, the digital wireless system can transmit entirely uncompressed audio – artefact-free and with superb dynamics. Digital 9000 includes the EM 9046 receiver, SKM 9000 handheld transmitter, SK 9000 bodypack transmitter as well as a comprehensive suite of accessories, and has been meticulously designed for the highest channel counts in today’s increasingly dense frequency environment.

A further advantage of Digital 9000 is that the system can be adapted to the specific requirements and the particular RF situation on site as it is fitted with two modes. The High Definition (HD) mode will transmit uncompressed, artefact-free audio as if a cabled microphone were used, while the Long Range (LR) mode has been designed for difficult transmission environments with many sources of interference.


MKH 8090 studio microphone – perfect for complex recordings
The MKH 8090 is the latest addition to Sennheiser’s range of MKH studio microphones. Thanks to its wide cardioid pick-up pattern, the RF condenser microphone is ideal for orchestral recordings. It has a wide frequency response and, even with a small capsule, achieves an outstanding bass reproduction. The MKH 8090 can be used both as a main and as a spot microphone. An optional screw-on module converts it into a digital AES42 (mode 2) microphone in an instant.

Immerse yourself in the “Origin of Sound”
Sound engineers who are interested in the optimal reproduction of classical instruments are invited to come along to the “Origin of Sound” lecture on 24th November from 10.30. The lecture summarises a successful roadshow programme run by Sennheiser, Georg Neumann and LAWO/innovason that took sound specialists and engineers on site visits to the workshops of renowned instrument makers, showing them the best possible ways of capturing the sound of a classical orchestra in live and studio productions. Marcel Babazadeh, tonmeister and International Sales Director at LAWO/Innovason, and Martin Liermann, Director Product Management and Sales Support at Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service, will give their impressions and insights from the events.


Live Mixing Workshop: The ultimate club sound
The Live Mixing Workshop, which is running on November 22nd from 14:00 will focus on PA systems for clubs and smaller venues. The workshop lecturers include FOH engineer Oliver Voges, monitor engineer Wayne “Heights” Gittens and RF manager Svenja Dunkel, who will be joined by English pub rock band “Drew Flanagan and the Blackbombers”. Participants will learn how to optimise live sound in a club location.

Lecture: Potential for 3D audio
In recent years, the development of 3D audio and Auro 3D technologies has advanced at high speed. On 24th November at 9:00, Gregor Zielinsky, Grammy award-winning tonmeister and Sennheiser expert, will be holding a workshop to provide an insight into these worlds of sound. Later on that same day at 16:00, there will be a round table led by Zielinsky that will, among other topics, outline the history and current position of 3D audio. The experts will also discuss the strategies and product developments that the audio industry needs to put in place in order to fully benefit from 3D audio.


The Sennheiser lecture programme at a glance:
·    Thursday 22nd November, 14:00 to approx. 18:00 in the Vulkanhalle Cologne (via shuttle service from the exhibition centre): “Live Mixing Workshop” with audio experts such as Oliver Voges, Wayne “Heights” Gittens and Svenja Dunkel. Please register at

·    Saturday 24th November, 09:00 to 10:00 in R1: “The magic of 3D audio”, lecture by Gregor Zielinsky, tonmeister, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG

·    Saturday 24th November, 10:30 to 11:00 in R4: “The Origin of Sound – public address for live classical events – summary of a six-part seminar programme”, Lecture by Marcel Babazadeh, tonmeister and International Sales Director at LAWO/Innovason, and Martin Liermann, Director Product Management and Sales Support at Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service

·    Saturday, 24th November, 16:00 to 17:30 in R1: “3D Audio: current status and a look into the future”; round table discussion led by Gregor Zielinsky, tonmeister, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG


About Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co. KG
Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service GmbH & Co. KG is the German sales subsidiary of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG with around 140 employees. The Sennheiser Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microphones, headsets and wireless transmission systems. Sennheiser has over 2,100 employees worldwide and has its own factories in Germany, Ireland and the USA. The German subsidiary company distributes all brands of the Sennheiser Group: Sennheiser, Sennheiser Communications A/S (headsets for PCs, offices and call centres) and Georg Neumann GmbH (studio microphones and monitor speakers).