Puerto Rico’s WAPA TV Upgrades to HD With ChyronHego’s BlueNet™ Graphics Workflow


ChyronHego today announced that WAPA-TV, the leading broadcast television network and content producer in Puerto Rico, has implemented the company’s state-of-the-art BlueNet graphics workflow to bring high definition graphics into their master control, live news and programming environments. Installed in WAPA-TV’s main production and master control facilities in Guaynabo, the ChyronHego solutions will support graphics creation and playout, graphics asset management, channel branding, live social media commentary, and augmented reality.

“Investing in ChyronHego’s graphics solutions has put WAPA Televisión at the forefront of this type of technology in our competitive market,” said Enrique Cruz, senior executive news director at WAPA-TV. “With an unparalleled on-air presentation, ChyronHego’s impressive real-time graphics were the driving force behind our top Nielsen ratings during our 20-hour live continuous coverage of the 2012 Puerto Rican Election. With cutting-edge products, professional staff and first-class support, ChyronHego has saved us valuable time and money, and have helped to make our transition to HD a true success.”


WAPA-TV’s BlueNet workflow consists of ChyronHego’s flagship HyperX³˙¹ on-air graphics systems, Lyric PRO™ graphics creation software, Channel Box² channel branding and promo systems, SHOUT™ social media software, and the CAMIO graphics asset management solution — all of which are seamlessly integrated to bring high-quality broadcast graphics to air quickly and easily.


“WAPA-TV has implemented one of the most advanced BlueNet workflows in the Latin American market and in the world,” said Aldo Campisi, vice president of Latin American sales at ChyronHego. “ChyronHego’s BlueNet workflow and augmented reality solution offers broadcasters flexibility and a comprehensive approach to graphics production with interactive, easy-to-use products that are essential in a competitive market.”

About Chyron
Chyron (NASDAQ: CHYR) is a leading provider of Graphics as a Service for on-air and digital video applications including newsrooms, studios, sports broadcasting facilities, and corporate video environments. An Emmy® Award-winning company whose products have defined the world of digital and broadcast graphics, Chyron’s graphics solutions include the Axis World Graphics online content creation software and order management system, on-air graphics systems, clip servers, channel branding, and graphics asset management solutions, all of which may be incorporated into the company’s BlueNet™ end-to-end graphics workflow.


About Hego
Founded in 1969, Hego has spent over four decades helping broadcasters and the sports industry offer audiences a more engaging live entertainment experience. Hego has a reputation for being at the forefront of enhancing the presentation of live data and video through its innovative technology in real-time graphics, virtual graphics, touch and telestration, as well as its revolutionary 3D player tracking system. These capabilities are delivered either as products or as full production services. Headquartered out of Stockholm, Sweden the company also has offices in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, the United Kingdom and the United States.