The ProAudio Technology VT20 network keeps growing

CK Veranstaltungstechnik from Rimbach in the Forest of Odes

CK Veranstaltungstechnik from Rimbach in the Forest of Odes (near Mannheim) has once again enlarged their large inventory in ProAudio Technology systems. Besides the already existing systems – HT16, MT12, MT10, M20, SW18 and SW12 – a full VT20 Vertical Line Array System with flyable VS18F and VS28 groundstack subwoofers as well as DELTA20.4-DSP system amplifiers with PAB-88 system connection panels will now complement the rental stock at CK Veranstaltungstechnik.

“We have been working successfully with the systems from ProAudio Technology already since 2012. The quality and capability of the systems are convincing in practical use. Well-engineered products with a very high degree of flexibility and a performance which meets even the highest demands. Everything can be combined in linear-phase mode which makes working significantly easier. The sophisticated high-quality system amplifiers complete the range. These are our experiences gathered from countless events. The VT20 system surpassed our pretty high expectations already at the first test. The top has a correct radiation, it sounds very balanced even with extreme levels, it features a uniquely small level drop-off over distance and an elaborate rigging system. Combined with the powerful subwoofers, you kind of get a fullrange PA system with only two loudspeakers offering a frequency response below 30 Hz that does not reveal any weak spots in the useable bass range either. We feel the system is a true innovation on the market that is definitely capable of audibly surpassing the established market standard in terms of quality“, says Christopher Klar, the owner of CK Veranstaltungstechnik.

“We are happy that we could fully convince Christopher Klar and his engineers of the VT20 system’s capability with only one test and may now welcome a new partner in the VT20 rental network“, adds executive director Thomas Müller of ProAudio Technology GmbH.


In April 2015 the first VT20 systems were delivered to companies in the Stuttgart area where a user network is already building up several weeks after market launch.
After a cross-check with the world’s most en vogue systems a big rental company from the UK, who has been doing many medium-sized and large live PA jobs for well over 20 years, has also decided to go for a big VT20 setup with 32 tops and a corresponding number of VS18 and VS28 subs together with amping and accessories. 

The technicians in charge express their experiences with just these few words:
“We love the VT20 system.“
Another VT20 user from Reutlingen will be supplied this August and thus further expand – just like CK Veranstaltungstechnik – his large inventory with the VT20.