ProAudio Technology - M20 Monitor


The M20 is a high-performance monitor speaker for medium to large stage sizes.
The 2-way system is equipped with two 10“ cone drivers and one 1.4“ HF driver and was developed especially for no-compromise applications at high volume levels.

The sophisticated passive crossover ensures a phase-coherent separation of both ways over several octaves and allows a low-distortion and uncompressed reproduction.

Due to its dual 10“ speakers the M20 loudspeaker offers an excellent LF transient response and a high headroom in the crucial midrange. Despite its wide 80 x 60 degree coverage the large mid/high frequency horn produces an impressive in-your-face directness. The setups based on FIR filters ensure a safe operation, a linear phase and transmission behaviour plus a very low susceptibiliy to feedback.


Wolfszeit-Festival 2013

Four Speakon sockets, one with reversed pin assignment, allow a 2-channel wiring without special reversible cables or adapters.

Weighing in at only 25 kg (55.2 lbs), it’s still pleasantly light for a monitor of its performance category.


Owing to its elegant visual appearance and the very solid workmanship with a tread-proof front grille it is suitable for unobtrusive gala applications as well as the tough on-the-road use.

Four to eight M20s on one DELTA8.4-DSP system amplifier allow an economic 4-channel monitoring on a high level. The combination with the SW18 and SW28 system subwoofers makes very powerful drumfills.