ProAudio Technology GmbH: HT16 Tour Set


The HT16 Tour Set presented at the Prolight & Sound 2012 is a compact, light-weight and easy to use plug & play loudspeaker system with a high output power and long range, relating to its size and weight. Flexibility and scalability leave nothing to be desired. The HT16 Tour Set is suitable for all kinds of sound applications like front PA, sidefill and drumfill.

Due to their linear phase acoustic design, a clean radiation characteristic and the trapezoidal cabinet shape, the HT16 tops can be coupled with surprising ease and effectiveness in a cluster, yielding a proportionate level increase. Reasonable transport and rigging accessories ensure a very easy handling and a safe flying operation of the tops.

The SW18 subwoofers can be driven either in a cardioid or omnidirectional mode. They are prepared both mechanically and electrically for a cardioid operation. A cardioid subwoofer alignment ensures a high backward damping, combined with optimum directivity and bass reproduction.


Like with all loudspeaker systems from ProAudio Technology, the SW18 subwoofers form the basis of the HT16 Tour Set, supported by the 4-channel amplifiers, in this case the DELTA14.4-DSP.

The SW18 subwoofer weighs only 35 kg and has a truck packing size in all three directions (58 x 58 x 60.5 cm). With three SW18 per side the HT16 Tour Set can be driven either in cardioid or omnidirectional mode in the bass range. Stacked upon each other, three SW18 offer a practice-oriented height for the HT16 top.


The HT16 top is designed as a bassreflex horn-in-horn construction with an impedance of 8 ohms and, owing to its generously sized horns, it achieves a long range and great directness. The top is available with two different radiation angles (60 x 40 degrees and 90 x 40 degrees). Both versions can be driven in mixed operation on the same amplifier channel.

Beside the sheer power, the Delta 14.4-DSP system amplifier also handles the entire controlling with all essential protective functions. With a weight of a mere 12 kg, 2 rack spaces, 30 cm depth and a 16A Schuko connection, coupled with a very high efficiency, the amplifier represents an unrivalled power base which may also be used with or without active DSP to drive other loudspeaker systems, if required.