ProAudio Technology in Austria


After extensive tests the MG Sound company from Nüziders in Austria (Vorarlberg) decided to go for the loudspeaker systems from ProAudio Technology.

The basis for all systems are the SW18 subwoofers in combination with DELTA14.4-DSP system amplifiers.
Together with the MT12 multi-purpose loudspeakers and the horn-loaded HT16 tops these are used to realise high-power complete systems in various configuration levels, depending on the application.

Markus Gstrein, Managing Director at MG Sound: “We have chosen the systems from ProAudio Technology for several reasons.This is a true one-stop supplier, the entire product range is well-engineered and there are competent people standing behind them. Add to this the jaw-dropping performance of the systems with an incredible flexibility and practice-oriented accessories. I think one would be hard pressed to find something comparable at the same price.We are looking forward to the first missions and the cooperation.“