PR Lighting Announces First LED Studio Series Releases

PR Lighting has formally announced the launch of its new LED Studio series — which is aimed at the television studio and photography markets.

The first items set for release are the LED Studio 3700 — available in two models (White and RGBW) and with two colour temperatures.


These units have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the global market in TV studio, photography, and conference hall and stage sectors — with the principal application being in digital HD TV studios.

The LED Studio 3700 White features stable colour temperature (available in 3200K and 5600K), high CRI, soft and even light output and high efficient cooling (without a fan).

The LED 3700 (RGBW) boasts the same features as well as linear colour temperature correction from 3200K to 10000K.


Both products adopt a high quality, long-life LED light source, offering huge energy saving benefits. The LED Studio 3700 White uses 12 x 10W white LEDs, while the LED Studio 3700 RGBW uses three each of the 10W R/G/B LEDs and 15W (white).

Both products offer a field angle of 0°-80°, 0-100% linearly adjustable dimmer and electronic strobe of 0.3-25 fps. Total power consumption of the White fixture is 135W @ 220V AC and the RGBW, which includes linear colour mixing with macro, is 150W @ 220V.