Polecam Shows off New Long Head – Canon C300 Users are Loving it!

Polecam’s Long Head with Canon C300

UK camera crane firm Polecam is showing off its newly-developed Long Head at NAB – it’s the first chance US cameramen will have to see the new pan/tilt remote-controlled head which is already proving a hit with Canon C300 users in the UK.

The head was specially designed to meet demand from users of the Canon C300, the Panasonic AF-101 and other cameras of a similar size and weight – it’s being shown at the Polecam booth with the C300 during the show.

Polecam’s strong but portable lightweight carbon-fibre jibs can be mounted on a standard tripod giving cameramen a reach of up to 26ft with the remote-controlled head of their choice – this includes the Wide Head for D-SLR cameras and the versatile Narrow Head for unlimited panning as well as the Long Head.


Cameraman-inventor Steffan Hewitt, Polecam’s Managing Director, said: “Our kit will enable you to get you a massive variety of shots you simply could not achieve so quickly, professionally or cost-effectively by any other system. It’s all about increased production value – and it all fits seamlessly together so you can choose the head to suit your existing cameras.”