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Polecam to Launch HRO 69 C-Mount Lens for Ultra-Compact 3-CCD Cameras at IBC 2010

Polecam HRO 69 lens attached to a Toshiba HD1 split head 3-CCD 1/3 inch HD camera

A major new addition to the Polecam product range will be introduced at IBC 2010. The HRO 69 (High Resolution Optics) is a high quality 3.5 mm lens designed specifically for use with latest-generation 1/3 inch miniature 3-CCD HD cameras.

"The HRO 69 is without exaggeration one of the most important new products at this year's IBC," states Polecam founder and Managing Director Steffan Hewitt. "Miniature split head cameras have become standard tools for HD video production in recent years but traditional lens manufacturers have not responded to demand for matching high-quality optics. The Polecam HRO 69 is a C-mount lens designed specifically for 1/3 inch 3-CCD HD cameras. It produces far higher resolution images than any comparable model and represents a tremendous advance both for Polecam operators and other programme-makers wanting to benefit fully from the compactness of modern HD cameras and recorders. The HRO 69 has been in development for some time and we are delighted to be able to offer it for immediate delivery."

Camera Systems Sales Manager Nigel Paine adds: "Polecam has invested a significant amount of money and time in developing this new and unique lens. This is the first in a range of 3-CCD HD lenses which goes a significant way to filling a requirement that the HD broadcast and film markets have been requesting very stridently. The HRO 69 is compatible with cameras such as the Toshiba IK-HD1, Iconix RH1, Panasonic GP-US932, Ikegami MKC300."

Polecam's HRO 69 C-mount lens has 3.5 mm focal length, 69 degree horizontal angle of view and F2.2 to F16 aperture range. Features include back focus, a special bump cover to protect the lens front, and a 40.5mm filter thread adapter option. Stainless steel locking screws for aperture and focus adjustment are provided plus spare lens caps. Weight of the lens is 159 grammes, length is 50 mm and diameter (without filter adapter) is 37 mm.

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Polecam provides complete HD/SD broadcast production solutions for a wide range of applications, based on our world-leading truly-portable single-operator jib arm and miniature HD and SD camera systems. The Polecam system delivers the freedom to place a long-reach jib anywhere a cameraman can go, eliminating the restrictions associated with heavy multi-operator cranes. Combined with one of our ultra-compact camera heads and choice of recorders, Polecam jibs permit new and unique angles that would be difficult any other way. Polecam rigs operate from a standard tripod and dolly or from the Polecam body harness, enabling smooth shots in the studio or on location. Rig and derig are fast and easy, requiring no tools. Polecam systems can operate underwater with a fully submersible pan-and-tilt head. We also offer the simplest 3D system in the market. Additionally we stock a wide range of lenses, recorders, power options, remote control and multiplex equipment.