Polecam Growth Continues with 500th Rig Sale

Green Trading Team with Polecam

UK company Polecam Systems announced at IBC 2013 exhibition the sale of Polecam rig number 500 to South Korean broadcaster MBC. The sale was made just prior to the show via local distributor Green Trading.

Polecam Systems managing director Graeme Chapman said “I am delighted with the global growth in Polecam sales and in the recognition by the industry and other sectors of its value as an indispensable production tool.”

“The significant product upgrades and enhancements we make available are an essential part of our R&D, and together with the new Polecam Starter Pack has resulted in making rig ownership more accessible to more people, and enabling a broader range of cameras to be used. We have also restructured our distribution and backup to be more globally available and effective.”


“Many of our owner operators have established a very successful career path using their Polecam rigs, and the use of Polecam is extending from programme making into other areas such as industrial applications, medical training and even wedding video production.”

MBC using Polecam rig #500


“Most importantly, the success of the product leads back to its designer, Steffan Hewitt. His fundamental design has not changed, but technology has, and Polecam has advanced with it, all the way.”

Steffan Hewitt said ”This is a landmark sale for us, and good to see that it came via our long standing South Korean distributor Jaesu Jong of Green Trading. He has been very active there and worked hard, introducing Polecam initially to KBS, the Korean Broadcasting System, and now with increasing numbers into the flourishing broadcast industry there.”

Polecam’s attraction has always been a winning combination of portability, speed of rig/derig, adding production value without hassle, getting crane shots where no other crane could go, and getting right in to where the action is. Crane shots up a mountain! No problem. In a small location studio! No problem. On a small boat! No problem.


The company has continued to develop and refine Polecam, never standing still, and today Polecam Systems offers a wide choice of ways to own a rig, from the Polecam Starter Pack, an entry level configuration which, using the Long Head, will take a variety of cameras such as D-SLRs, the Canon C300, Sony Nex 700, Black Magic Design Cinema camera or the RED Epic.
When configured as 7th Heaven, the full Polecam rig has an extended reach of 8m/26' and when fitted with a small profile HD camera can get you right in close to where the action is, giving a unique creative viewpoint to your productions.

There is a whole range of mini HD cameras, other specialised cameras, heads, accessories, recorders, not to mention 3D, underwater add-ons and Extreme SloMo too.

Polecam will change the way you shoot and the way you think about shooting.