Polecam co-exhibits with Camera Corps and shows new products at BVE2017

Polecam co-exhibits with Camera Corps and shows new products at BVE 2017

Polecam Systems will be exhibiting at BVE Expo 2017 on Camera Corps’ stand #P14 at London ExCel, 28thFebruary- 2nd March 2017

Polecam Systems and Camera Corps (part of the Vitec group) will continue to develop their long standing symbiotic professional relationship by co-exhibiting with each other at this year’s eagerly awaited BVE Expo at London ExCel.

Historically Polecam and Camera Corps first worked together at the Sydney games in the year 2000, since that time, the two companies have worked together on every Summer and Winter games and many more high profile global events to date. With ever changing market demands, both companies continue to work closely with each other, bringing new, radical and highly innovative cost effective solutions and services to their clients, whilst keeping an open eye for new opportunities and proposals for the future.

If you would like to know more, be involved with us and open new opportunities to yourself, then why not come and see us at BVE 2017 on Stand P14.

Polecam Systems will be showing new products along with existing products from the range:

New Autopod: See the new Autopod, a remotely operated programmable elevation unit not only for for rigs, remote heads and cameras, but for lights. speakers and more.



Also on show the Polecam PPP (Polecam Professional Pack) and the Polecam PSP+ Skeleton rig, a stripped down version of market leading Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) rig ready to receive the DJI Ronin or Ronin M, which has become a game-changer add on to Polecam, opening up the possibility to use Polecam in windy conditions, even with zoom lens on board, as used by owner operator/DP John Gillan when shooting the Red Bull cliff diving events from cliff tops and other high places around the world.

New, the Polecam Super SMPTE System. This is a Polecam friendly fibre system that mounts on the back of the Polecam, designed to be multi-functional for cameras such as the Antelope Pico and the Toshiba cameras. It allows two 3G-HD signals to be sent back to the truck with bi-directional RS-232/422/485*data. A return 3G-HD signal for programme return, a PAL signal for syncs as well as 2 x audio channels.

The Antelope Camera Systems PICO high speed ultra-motion minicam will be on show with its dedicated FishFace underwater housing and new lens drive.


The PICO minicam is capable of producing stunning ultra slow motion HD footage up to 350fps and can be mounted on a Polecam to give stunning ultra Slo-Mo POV both above and below water.
New: The PICO in combination with Polecam has now given rise to Polecam’s new Goalcam mobile rig allowing new and exciting soccer goal mouth footage for viewers and for game analysis, as seen on some recent high level games.

New minicams:
As the appointed UK and European Centre of Excellence for Toshiba Europe Broadcast, Polecam will be showing the latest 4K and HD minicams available including the Toshiba IK-4K and Toshiba IK-HD5  and the perfect partners in UHD Prime and HD Zoom lens capabilities from Fujinon and Resolve Optics including the Fujinon TF4XA-1 prime UHD lens, the Fujinon XT17SX4 and Resolve Optics Z10 HD and 7UHD W/A. Polecam will happily fly the Sony A7S, FS7, F5/55 cameras, along with many other leading manufacturers - Black Magic Design, Canon, Panasonic, RED and more.


If you are a programme maker and not yet aware of Polecam, then you really should be looking at what it can quickly and simply do to elevate your output to another level. Polecam continues to offer a broad spectrum of crane platforms to suit all kinds of shooting and at all levels including 4K.

Steffan Hewitt and Stephen Rutherford from Polecam Systems will be there, along with top Polecam owner operators, any of whom will be happy to answer all your questions and demonstrate the kit. It’s also an opportunity to get hands-on yourself with Polecam, but be warned – within a very short time you will probably want one!