POLARIS evolution: The First Fully Personalised Network Mixing Console


SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is raising the bar in the digital mixing console market with the new POLARIS evolution. Its individual components are connected via a standard Ethernet network and recombined with each other for every mixing project!

POLARIS evolution consists of three main components, namely the control surface POLARIS access, the multi-user capable audio processor POLARIS scala, and the touch-screen upgrade POLARIS view. Almost any number of these modules can be combined within an IP network, irrespective of physical location, and can also be used in parallel simultaneously for different mixing projects. This enables the customer to select the appropriate audio processing power for each application with the required number of fader strips and controls.

A single POLARIS access has 16 faders and the same number of dual rotary encoders, 48 buttons and a display screen strip across the width of the console. The POLARIS view touch screen upgrade can be docked at an angle onto POLARIS evolution and provides a convenient user interface.


POLARIS access simply provides remote control of the POLARIS scala audio processor in the new mixer concept. POLARIS scala is a 19" unit for 256 audio inputs and 256 buses. Units can be cascaded to achieve larger numbers of audio channels when required.

Polaris evolution - Redundant and scaled system with flexible resource handling System example


Overall, POLARIS evolution is very scalable and at the same time extremely user friendly: If another POLARIS module is plugged into the network, it is registered automatically. The user decides which mixing process it will be used for and whether to integrate it in parallel mode or as a supplementary device, all without any major changes to the configuration!

Jürgen Malleck presents POLARIS evolution at ProLight+Sound


Just as it doesn't matter how many devices are logged into a computer network, it doesn't matter how many POLARIS evolution modules are deployed. You can connect them at any point in the network and use them individually or collectively as desired.

POLARIS evolution introduces true multi-user capability, maximum variability and scalability as well as integrating IP networking. SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is convinced POLARIS evolution represents the beginning of the era of IP networked mixing and audio processing systems!