PMT at the Hamburg Open 2016

The rental house PMT with its headquarter in Hamburg and an office in Cologne offers a wide range of camera accessories like dollies, remote heads and telescope cranes as well as specialized camera systems, tracking systems, rail systems or the ViewCam21.

On 21 January PMT is present at the Hamburg Open. At booth 3.02 PMT presents the TapeDolly, its Supertechno 22 and at the outside area in front of the entrance the new ViewCam21.


ViewCam offers a convenient and unobtrusive alternative on outdoor locations, whenever an instantly producible high camera position is requested. The hydraulically extendible boom is moved to its final position and provides an impressive lens height of 21 meters with a payload of up to 150 kg. The system allows long distance focal lengths and 360° pan shots. In case of bad weather a pneumatic lense cleaner provides a clear view. ViewCam is suitable for any kind of standard remote-head, even for stabilized systems.

As one-man system ViewCam is an affordable and versatile alternative to risers or lifting-ramps. No matter if small stadiums, concerts or shows, winter sports or horse riding, ViewCam is installed quickly and it is very mobile on site due to its practical trailer with tow-coupling.


PMT provides advice and planning, detailed talks and site surveys - for PMT mobility and a qualified crew is a matter of course.