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PM 502 from Dynacord – best in both worlds

Dedicated both for the fixed install market and mobile audio applications including an onboard media player

Dynacord presents the latest member of its  successful powered mixer family, the PM 502. The system is – as we have come to expect from Dynacord powered mixers – enormously powerful, versatile and equipped with a wealth of features. All the components include Dynacord’s uncompromising commitment to quality made in Germany packaged in a new innovative design It combines finest analogue input circuitry and operating surface with the advantages of its digital master and amplifier section. The PM 502 includes five MIC/Line and three Stereo inputs as well as a master section tailored to the needs of day-to-day use with three Master Outputs – each with an individual 7-band EQ.

Thanks to its well thought-out input structure as well as its manifold features and fully flexible output routing options, the PM 502 is the first choice for fixed installations such as bars, bistros, small clubs, hotel lounges and houses of worship. Up to three different rooms or zones can be controlled individually. The PM 502 can also be switched to 100V Direct Drive mode for direct connection to 100V or 70V loudspeaker lines without the need of an output transformer, which is often required for installations in churches or mosques. An installation kit for 19” racks or surface mounting is available for the PM 502 as an option.

The PM 502 commends itself also to solo entertainers, DJs and for live performances in small to medium-sized clubs  with a multitude of new features. The built-in Class-D power amplifier rated at 2 x 450W (RMS/4 ohm) meets the highest standards and provides plenty of power to drive a complete mobile sound system. Advanced microphone processing functions such as compressor/limiter, talk-over (ducking functions) will serve every DJ and entertainer during live events. One USB Type A interface for PC and MAC supports 48 kHz recording and playback, a second USB slot at the front comprises an onboard MP3 media player allowing to play any audio programs (MP3 or WAV format) for example from an USB stick or external hard drive.


PM 502 – the components in detail

1. Mixer
The PM 502 is a professional mixing desk with five MIC/Line inputs for high audio quality at low volume levels. In addition to an integrated limiter and ducking function (talk-over), phantom power is switchable from the rear panel to supply condenser microphones. Each channel offers a 3-band equalizer, an Effects Send, an Aux Send, a Peak LED and a Level control. The PM 502 also boasts three Stereo inputs on jacks as well as 2 x stereo RCA and USB inputs connected in parallel.

2. Power amplifier
The Class-D power amplifier delivers 2 x 450W (RMS/4 ohms) or 2 x 600W (4 ohms IHF-A). A menu option allows the PM 502 to take over the direct drive of 100V loudspeaker lines; no additional output transformer is required. The PM 502 is supplied with the extensive package of protective circuitry typical of Dynacord products to ensure the highest possible level of operating security. The connectivity options cover all the requirements of live and installation applications.


3. Master section
The digital master section offers a wide selection of output busses. Through the Stereo Master A and B as well as the AUX Master Outputs, up to three different rooms or zones can be controlled individually. Each master output is equipped with a 7-band equalizer and flexible signal routing options. The delay line in Master B makes synchronization possible in distributed systems or installations involving distances of up to 50 metres. An integrated audio player allows the playback of recorded material in MP3 or WAV format from a USB stick or a hard disk to provide background or interval music.

4. Effects and processing menu
Based on the legendary PowerMate, the PM 502 is equipped with an extensive effects section with 32 editable stereo presets – among them Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Echo/Reverb combination effects. The various processing menus offer things such as “LPN” speaker processing, presets for talk-over functions and extensive routing possibilities. A high-contrast liquid crystal display assures a high level of user comfort.