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Panvidea Implements MOG Solutions MXF Tools Enabling Enhanced Broadcast-ready Feature Set

MXF ComponentSuite

Panvidea, a global leader in the on-demand video preparation, processing and distribution of entertainment and advertising content across any digital platform, has today announced that it has licensed and implemented the industry-leading MXFWrapper video wrapping tool from MOG Solutions which will enable its customers to deliver digital content to a wide range of professional broadcast archive and playout devices by such companies as Avid, Omneon, and Snell.

Provides Seamless Broadcast Workflows With Major Playout Servers

MXF, which is short for Media Exchange Format, is a next-generation standard for distributing digital video files across an IT-based broadcast infrastructure. It consists of a standard, platform agnostic wrapper that packages video and audio content together, with metadata describing and managing content. MXF ensures interoperability across multiple vendor solutions, allowing content owners to share files across a common network without having to transcode them each time. MXF is becoming a standard format for professional broadcast media flows. By integrating MOG Solutions’ MXFWrapper product, Panvidea ensures that its customers will be able to share their content seamlessly with all leading professional broadcast platforms.

“We are very excited to be working with MOG Solutions. Their flexibility and power have made them the leading MXF provider to the professional broadcast industry”, says Chris Cali, co-founder and CEO of Panvidea. “MOG’s state-of-the-art technology will enable our clients to stay at the forefront of professional media distribution and playout”.

Panvidea’s integration of MOG’s MXF tools community further expands the enhanced broadcast-ready feature set that has already attracted the attention of major clients including A&E Television Networks, Fox Broadcasting Company and Getty Images.

“Panvidea is providing professional media companies with a truly groundbreaking and innovative, cloud-based solution for video processing and distribution,” says Vitor Teixeira MOG Solutions’ Sales & Marketing Manager. “MOG solutions MXF Tools presented itself as the best software capable to meet the high demanding quality requirements from Panvidea. The usage of our tools enables Panvidea to feature expanded MXF support allowing a greater file-based interoperability.”High performance and innovation are the keywords for these two companies that are now working together to increase quality and provide their customers solid file-based workflows.

About Panvidea

Panvidea is a global leader in the preparation, processing and distribution of professional entertainment and advertising content across any digital platform. Originally founded as mPOINT in November 2007, the company re-branded in Spring 2010 with co-founder Chris Cali as CEO, to become Panvidea. Panvidea provides the only instantly scalable, on-demand solution to encode digital media elements, manage relevant metadata, edit and transform media for multiple audiences, and supply content as digital products to any platform or device. Panvidea’s secure software service eliminates the need for professional content companies to incur significant capital expenditures or pay exorbitant hourly fees to prepare their content for internal use or external digital distribution. For more information visit



About MOG Solutions

MOG is a leading provider of MXF based solutions. MOG’s award-winning MXF development tools product line, including the MXF::SDK and MXFComponentSuite, enabled over the years several major players in the market to accelerate their migration to file-based production. Building on the widespread adoption of the MXF file format, MOG’s workflow product line, including MXFSPEEDRAIL S1000 and mxfSPEEDRAIL F1000, is now taking file-based to the next step. These innovative products target process automation and workflow streamlining, by taking full advantage of MXF’s Metadata capabilities. For more information visit


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