PALS at BroadcastAsia 2014

Visit PALS at booth C/1V4-01

PALS is an Istanbul based engineering and consultancy company with 20 years experience in commercial and professional satellite communications. PALS provides high- end, cost-effective network solutions to customers in the broadcasting industry and government institutions.

At in-house facilities PALS designs, develops and manufactures  state-of-the-art equipment and components, from SNG antenna systems, controllers and receivers to cable drums or power distribution panels, which are integrated into  customized DSNG vehicles, special purpose vehicles or Outside Broadcasting vans.


PALS applies the latest technologies to provide solutions that match all the requirements, are cost-effective and deliver top performance. Dedicated teams of engineers build and integrate large earth stations for traditional broadcasting or data communications and build complete production studios, aimed at safeguarding uninterrupted service.


PALS success is driven by vision and by sound economics but most of all driven by a dedication to its customers.