oratis With Many Innovations

DELEC presents a shed-load of new products and features at the IBC

DELEC, intercom systems specialist within the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP, will present a range of new products and features of its oratis intercom and commentary systems at this year’s IBC.

These include two new oratis boards. The new party-line interface connects belt packs from other manufacturers to oratis and the new Dante™ interface enables remote devices from other vendors to be addressed directly, such as mixing consoles, audio routers or monitor speakers. Also in the news is a partnership with INTRACOM which enables smart phones to be connected as virtual subscriber units in DELEC intercom systems and full HD video-streaming to the booth for commentary systems.

DELEC oratis and Dante board


“These new products and features make our oratis systems even more flexible”, said Donald Dilocker, DELEC founder and CEO, about the co-operation. “And they demonstrate once again why DELEC is well known for innovation in intercom and commentary systems.”

About oratis
oratis is a first-class intercom system. It is based on current FPGA technology and offers unique flexibility and future-proofing combined with DELEC’s renowned high reliability.


oratis intercom systems include three basic components: one or more matrix frames, various matrix cards, and the subscriber panels connected to them. The quantity and configuration of components are freely definable, enabling the oratis to adapt to a multitude of applications.

Perhaps more fundamentally, all components of an oratis installation are networked using managed Gigabit Ethernet. This means that no extra wiring is needed, or multi-core cables. This infrastructure is usually installed as a matter of course in modern buildings. Gigabit Ethernet lines and ordinary Gigabit Ethernet routers and switches are perfect for setting up an oratis system.


About the oratis Commentary System
The oratis commentary system is based on matrix frames which act as audio hubs and incorporate various slot-in cards. They manage all audio signals required by the commentator and forward the commentary signal to the relevant broadcaster.

The commentator uses a COM3 commentator terminal, which is connected over a Gigabit Ethernet line to a commentary card in the matrix frame. With this strategy, essentially the connections to and from all sources and destinations are extended through the fibre-optic network into the commentary booth. Thus, it is possible to monitor or mix any audio signal immediately at the commentary position.

Please visit DELEC at the IBC in Amsterdam in Hall 10 on booth no. D30.

DELEC Audio- und Videotechnik GmbH is member of the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP.