Olympic Games in London: MEDIAGROUP Products Much in Evidence

Many MEDIAGROUP products support numerous broadcasters at major 2012 sports event

On the 27th of July when the Summer Games open in London, SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP systems will once again be a part of it. Today, when most big events (and sports events in particular) are broadcast by so many stations, there is always a fleet of OB trucks and portable systems on site incorporating MEDIAGROUP products. For example, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) which has hired equipment from the MEDIAGROUP for its Olympics production setup.

When it comes to technical systems, the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is the heart of the Olympics. This is where international mixes from all the venues arrive for distribution to the affiliated broadcasters. ABC operates its own studio area here – with three commentary booths and broadcast studios, each equipped with a DELEC oratis COM3 commentary terminal. Generally, the oratis system provides one terminal per commentary booth. Each unit provides the necessary services for up to three commentators. In this way, ABC can provide interviewees with their own microphones, and the COM3 terminal can also be used as a small mixing desk.

All signals, both direct from the commentators and the international feeds from the host broadcaster are fed into a STAGETEC AURATUS console. The smooth integration between the NEXUS routing system and AURATUS console on the one hand and the oratis commentary system including intercom on the other is impressive. It allows an efficient installation to be created which combines the necessary workflow in the three systems. Particularly noteworthy is the extensive programming logic, which enables many processes to be automated.


Many, Many Individual Systems
tpc zurich ag from Switzerland will also use MEDIAGROUP systems during the Summer Games. As one example, tpc is running its own NEXUS main control room in the IBC, distributing the incoming signals from the venues and commentary systems to the tpc edit suites and outgoing lines to the Zurich headquarters. In addition to its own systems, tpc has borrowed an extensive NEXUS system from STAGETEC Berlin.

Apart from ABC and tpc many other broadcasters use STAGETEC technology for live coverage on their numerous OB vehicles. These include the BBC, NDR, RAI and CCTV. Overall, an estimated 70 NEXUS Base Devices, 15 NEXUS STAR routers, eight STAGETEC consoles – ranging from CANTUS to AURATUS, CRESCENDO and AURUS – a DELEC commentary system and a DELEC intercom system will be in operation during the event.


STAGETEC components have frequently been in use at Winter and Summer Games alike, and several venues have STAGETEC systems installed permanently, for example in the Olympic stadium in Beijing where the 2008 Summer Games were held. Stephan Salzbrenner, MEDIAGROUP CEO, is already looking forward to the competitions he will watch on TV at home: “As with previous major events, our products will once again be in the background ensuring excellent audio quality.”