Octopus Newsroom - NAB2017 Preview

NAB2017 Preview: OCTOPUS Newsroom

San Francisco, CA, March 14, 2017: OCTOPUS Newsroom, the world's leading producer of computer newsroom systems, will demonstrate the full feature set of its Octopus 8 newsroom solution at NAB 2017 in Las Vegas.
"Octopus provides all the capabilities television, radio and online journalists need to operate as a team or individually, whether working at a single site, distributed sites or on location," comments Gene Sudduth, national sales director for North America.

"Many companies claim their software is intuitive. We go further and can demonstrate that Octopus is a real pleasure for journalists to use. The graphic interface allows essential features for collaborative assignments to be accessed easily plus special tools for stories that require fast editorial approval. Advanced features are also within easy reach and can be managed based on user rights."
"Available for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems, Octopus can also be accessed via tablets and mobile phones. That takes efficiency to a new level especially for reporters covering large scale events where they need to concentrate on the story rather than be hindered by hardware issues."

"Our development goal was to anticipate the future of newsroom computer systems," adds Gabriel Janko, worldwide director of sales. "Octopus 8 achieves that. It combines power, efficiency and scalability in a mature and proven solution that is open to a vast array of complementary third-party solutions through our technological partners' MOS based products."

Octopus 8 can ingest all incoming source material such as agency wires, RSS feeds, emails, SMS. It can also source from, and output to, the most popular social media platforms. Operators can search and browse content being posted in accounts such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. They can also follow specific hashtags or channels and have a streamlined view organised for immediate reference. Newsroom staff can upload videos to YouTube, send breaking news to Twitter and post teasers on Facebook. The Octopus 8 Social Media Hub tracks the feedback from social media followers. It also allows content to be uploaded from the rundown to a website via a integration with CMS such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. This can be achieved with a single click.


The Octopus 8 feature set includes:
* Easy connection to other customer-selected technology.
* An assignment desk to ensure timely and efficient workflow among journalists.
* Simple to edit and flexible news rundowns.
* Various areas for user collaboration.
* Processing of multiple news agency sources.
* Real-time integration with social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
* Simultaneous broadcast transmission and web publication.
• Built-in instant messaging.
* E-mail and SMS notifications for offline users.
* Automated tasks and workflows.
* Floating licensing model.
* HTML5 plugins to substitute ActiveX which is becoming obsolete.
* Added support for VLC player (no more codec installs, should play almost anything).
Compatible with Octopus 8 and the most recent versions of Octopus 7, the Octopus Mobile app offers journalists full news production capabilities on tablets and mobile phones running Apple iOS or Google Android. Reporters and editors working remotely gain instant access to all wires, rundowns and assignments. They can also edit stories within a rundown, preview prompter text as well as create wires and reports in the field. Octopus Mobile supports both Octopus 8 and the most recent versions of Octopus 7.

OCTOPUS Newsroom
Established in 1999, OCTOPUS Newsroom is the leading producer of standalone newsroom computer systems. OCTOPUS Newsroom advocates an open ecosystem using the MOS protocol which enables customers to choose freely among high-quality providers of graphics, playout, MAM, prompters, traffic-handing and advertising solutions. OCTOPUS Newsroom has successfully installed systems into more than 200 channels around the world. Based on Unicode, OCTOPUS Newsroom products support all major character sets including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese.