OConnor Accessories the Choice for Nguyen’s C300 Shooting Package


Canadian-based producer/director Andrew Nguyen, of Lemongrass Media, recently rounded out his Canon C300 shooting package with accessories from OConnor, part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company. “When I was doing the research, I knew I didn’t want to buy something then eventually upgrade, I wanted the end game,” he explains. “I watched the chatter on Twitter and went to my local pro shop. They both recommended OConnor. I was immediately turned on by the quality of the OConnor O-Focus DM follow focus system, O-Grips handgrips and O-Box mattebox.”

Nguyen helms a full service production studio specializing in promotions that can effectively communicate information on social issues through HD quality films. He was so anxious to use the OConnor accessories he rented a package to shoot a promo for a local non-profit, Five Hole For Food, an organization that sponsors street hockey events to gather food donations for the needy. “I couldn’t wait for my order to come,” he says. “I wanted the equipment – now.”

“The O-Focus DM follow focus system is really cool,” he says. “You can put the grip on both sides of the camera and even have two on at once. Also, because of the Canon lenses I use, it is important to have hard stops, so I chose the Photo Set. This system comes with a variety of gears and a friction wheel so I don’t have to put on a zip gear. I don’t want to ask people to wait around for me to re-catch. If I have to do that, the moment can be gone.”


“The O-Grips are also a fantastic kit,” he adds enthusiastically. “They are extremely sturdy, no waffling, and they allow me to really connect with the camera. Some grips are too long and put you too far away from the camera. These are extremely solid and infinitely configurable.” Nguyen finds that, when the grips are locked down, they don’t slip. He likes that that they can be articulated to almost every angle, so he can stack them and can even prop the camera off the ground with the O-Grips. “I’ve done something very different with the O-Grips,” he adds. “Usually handle bars are pointed down. Instead, I have them pointed upwards at the OConnor mattebox. I’ve also added another set on the back with the bridge plate. This way, I can grip the camera like a machine gun, move up and down and all around and even brace it against my body for stability. This allows for interesting movement.”

“The OConnor O-Box WM mattebox system is rugged and sleek. I can mount my EVF (electronic viewfinder) on top with confidence, knowing that the mattebox will still be accessible and well-balanced.”

“This new set up with OConnor accessories allowed me to get into the action and capture stable and extremely interesting shots on the first try. With this kind of package for my Canon C300, I know I will be able to get and hold my audience’s attention with out-of-the-ordinary images – which is the goal of my videos produced for my social value organization clients.”


Nguyen believes that having a video on a client’s website can dramatically boost the number of repeat visitors, thus increasing donations or sales by up to 75%. His recent successes include everything from videos for University of British Columbia on climate change and the use of biofuels, to promotions for credit unions and local businesses as well as self-care health management and other social value organizations.

About OConnor
OConnor has been the choice of professional cinematographers since the invention of the fluid head 60 years ago by founder Chad O’Connor. OConnor’s award-winning fluid heads are known for their smooth feel, fluid movement and intuitive control. Designed for film-style shooting, each facilitates seamless transition when changing payloads and offers stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag for maximum control. In addition to fluid heads and tripods, OConnor offers a growing line of camera and lens accessories engineered to fill the needs of today’s fast-paced camera work. The line includes the CFF-1 and new O-Focus DM follow focus systems for cine and still photo lenses, the award-winning O-Box WM mattebox, innovative O-Grip handgrip system and the Universal Baseplate. OConnor products are respected and trusted by individual users and rental houses worldwide for their reliability, longevity and toughness.