Northern Light Invests in Clay Paky LED Fixtures


NL Productions, the Edinburgh-based events arm of Northern Light Stage and Technical Services Ltd, has become a major stockist of Clay Paky fixtures in Scotland following a considerable investment with the manufacturer’s UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions.

NL Productions has purchased thirty of Clay Paky’s latest industry-leading luminaires, including A.LEDA WASH K10s, Sharpys, Sharpy Washes and Alpha Spot QWO 800s.

“There aren’t many Sharpys in rental stocks this far north yet,” points out NL Productions’ hire manager John Pike. “We were keen to introduce the Sharpy into the Scottish events market and felt we were well placed to do this. Our top level clients are very aware that the Sharpy is delivering many of the looks of the moment and they are keen to use them on their own events.”


In fact since the Sharpys and Sharpy Washes have been added to NL Productions inventory they have enjoyed considerable success, having become the must have fixture for many of NL Productions live and music events.

“Our clients have been extremely impressed with the high output and laser-like beam of both the Sharpy and the Sharpy Wash fixtures, especially when you take into account the Sharpy’s low power consumption,” adds Pike. “In addition our in-house rental and servicing teams have been delighted with the build quality and ease of maintenance. This makes the Sharpy fixtures ideal for our market. Our clients require lighting fixtures that are feature rich, robust and easy to service. As soon as we took delivery of the Clay Paky fixtures they went straight out on the ever demanding, 24/7 Edinburgh Festival. I am pleased to say we didn’t get a single call out for maintenance issues. In my view there are few products that can compete with that.”

The A.LEDA WASH K10 was also an immediate hit with NL Productions’ customers. This mid-range model of the now popular A.LEDA Series offers all the benefits a moving wash light in tandem with the advantages of LED technology including: low energy consumption, long life of light source, compact size, lightweight and robust build.


“LED offers our clients increased opportunities to maximise creativity in venues that have reduced power or space available,” adds Pike. “NL Productions supply Clay Paky fixtures to an ever increasing number of outside events and the raft of colours they deliver alongside the neat sturdy shape and build of these fixtures tick all the boxes for this market.”

Augmenting its Clay Paky package NL Productions also invested in Clay Paky’s Alpha Spot QWO 800s: “The QWO 800s are a fantastic workhorse fixture”, Pike points out. “Again they offer the event market designer everything he or she needs when it comes to creative flexibility. The number of effects options available are fantastic, and the QWOs can produce numerous exciting looks and environments.”


All the newly acquired Clay Paky fixtures have been on hire since they arrived in NL Productions warehouse: “Because of the huge success of the new Clay Paky kit at the Fringe and on other subsequent events NL Productions is already considering a further purchase, concludes Pike. “In addition, in the last year, Northern Light has supplied and installed a number of Clay Paky products on projects including the prestigious new Edinburgh International Conference Centre.”

Glyn O’Donoghue, managing director for Clay Paky’s UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions says: “We are delighted to see such a reputable rental, events and projects company embrace Clay Paky fixtures with such enthusiasm. Northern Light and NL Productions are key players across the install and rental markets, not just in Scotland but countrywide. It’s important to us that their staff and clients are impressed with the features of the QWO 800s, Sharpys and ALEDA fixtures. We will continue to ensure we sustain a positive and close support relationship with the company well into the future.”