Nine Network's GTV-9 Studio Installs SSL C100 HDS

Steve Delmenico: Console Used for Local and National Programming Production

GTV 9 (General Television Corporation), owned by Australia’s Nine Network, recently moved into a new production facility in Melbourne to streamline production workflow. A Solid State Logic C100 HDs Digital Broadcast Console was chosen as the centerpiece for audio production, based on the positive experience with a C100 in the previous facility. The new C100 services both national and local programming including sports, news and children’s offerings.

“The GTV-9 studio complex produces live or near-live programming 365 days a year, covering all types of productions,” says Steve Delmenico, resource manager for GTV. “The new facilities were designed from the ground up to give us more production capability within a fine-tuned smaller space than the old facility. The choice of the C100 console was straightforward as our engineering staff is very experienced with SSL consoles. The C100 gives us a powerful platform that is highly-reliable, flexible and expandable while delivering great sound.”

The new facility includes two control rooms, Control 31 and Control 32, which serve a production studio and a multi-purpose room that can be used as a sound stage. GTV-9 produces a local and a  nationally distributed daily news program, a weekly children’s program and sports programming. On top of this are local news and ad-hoc productions of infomercials and other such programming. Because of the console’s inherent flexibility, the C100 is easily used for all programming types.


“We produce the long-running Sunday Footy Show (AFL) using the C100,” explains Delmenico. “This is a panel-type program presenting discussion of football related news stories that arise each week, a review of the last several games and a preview of upcoming matches with team lineups. Other productions include, Kids’ WB; A Current Affair and Footy Classified.GTV-9’s C100 has 32+8 faders addressing a total of 96 DSP channels. SSL’s Alpha-Link Live, Alpha-Link 8RMP and BRIO units look after I/O, using the MADI X8 to route between the data centre, studios and two control rooms. Pro Tools® and Enco DAD are used for audio capture, editing and playback.

“We really appreciate the workflow benefits that the fibre optic connections in the C100 provide,” states Delmenico. “With SSL’s MADI-based converters and remote mic pres, we can easily deliver audio from any stage to the console and that greatly enhances our production options. We have been broadcasting in both stereo and 5.1 surround and, once again, the C100 gives us the flexibility to create both mixes at the same time. GTV-9 is primarily responsible for serving the Victoria market in Australia and the C100 elegantly helps us to fulfill that service mandate.”