New Sonifex Products At BVE 2016

AVN-GMC PTPv2 Grandmaster Clock

Sonifex is showing a selection of new products on stand D01 at BVE 2016. Amongst these is the new AVN-GMC PTPv2 Grandmaster Clock . Sonifex joined the Ravenna (audio over IP) group 3 years ago and the AVN-GMC is their first product for use in Ravenna networks.

IEEE 1588 PTP (precision time protocol) is used to synchronise all the nodes within a network. To achieve this one of the nodes must become the master clock and distribute time packets to the others. The AVN-GMC is designed to perform this role simply and accurately, acting as a GPS receiver and enabling sub micro second synchronisation between all nodes.

In normal operation, the unit has PTPv2 time stamping resolution to 8nsec. The AVN-GMC combines a GPS receiver, a PLL (phase lock loop) and a specialist on-board clock device to create the precise, low jitter clock signals required to drive the physical transceiver’s time stamping circuitry, also providing holdover if the GPS signal is lost.

The DHY-04HD is an HD Voice & GSM hybrid for handling high quality voice calls, ideal for studios in remote locations, for OB vans and trucks on the move, and in emergency situations where a telephone landline can't be guaranteed. Using a 3G or GSM cellular network, it can receive and make high quality broadcast calls of 7kHz bandwidth, converting the 3G or GSM call to the 4 wire audio signal to and from a connected mixing console. The module used in the DHY-04HD is quad-band GSM and 5 band UMTS/HSPA+, so it can take and make calls on any 2G GSM, or 3G network.

The RB-FS42 audio failover switcher is a smaller channel count version of the RB-FS82, offering a lower number of inputs and outputs. It is a more cost effective solution where failover is needed for a smaller number of sources/destinations and supports all of the features of the RB-FS82.

The device has 4 main + 2 standby, stereo analogue audio, AES/EBU digital audio and RS232 connections (both inputs and outputs) and can be configured via Ethernet.

The RB-MSP6 is a is a 1U rack-mount phantom power supply, designed to be used in conjunction with up to six RB-MS4X3s, providing mains input redundancy to ensure the target microphones remain powered in the event of a single mains failure.