New Sonifex Distribution Amps at BVE 2014

RB-DDA6A3 6 Way Stereo AES3ID Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier. 

Sonifex have two new distribution amplifiers on display on stand J01 at BVE 2014, the RB-DDA6A3 digital distribution amplifier and the RB-DA24MD24 way audio distribution amplifier.

The RB-DDA6A3 digital distribution amplifier is used for distributing AES3id digital audio, repeating both the audio data and the status information of the input whilst re-normalising to standard digital audio levels. It has a single BNC AES3id audio input which is distributed to 6 BNC AES3id audio outputs.

The RB-DA24MD is a 24 way audio distribution amplifier, with 2 inputs which can be individually routed to 12 outputs or mixed and routed to all 24 outputs. The inputs can be configured as either dual mono, input 1 routed to outputs 1-12 and input 2 routed to outputs 13-24, or mixed-mono, inputs 1 and 2 mixed at a pre-set level and routed to all 24 outputs. Each output is also protected against connection to both POE (power over Ethernet) and phantom power circuits.


Richard Butlin, Sales Manager at Sonifex said:"We developed these da’s independently for some recent project work and felt that they’d make a useful addition to our vast and growing product range! The BVE show has become the place to launch new broadcast products in the UK, so the timing of their release was perfect. Both of these products are available from stock."

Also showing at BVE are some recent product releases. The RB-VHDA2x4 3G/HD/SD-SDI 2 input, 8 output video distribution amplifier is a high performance, reliable dual input and eight output digital video distribution amplifier for re-clocking and distributing up to two 3G, HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition) SDI sources.


The new RB-SD1IP silence detection unit has Ethernet & USB, which offers all the functionality of the existing RB-SD1 with several extra capabilities. Ethernet connectivity allows finer set up and control via a browser based GUI together with a real time view of signal levels and alarm statuses. SNMP V1 is implemented so that the unit can be controlled by existing network management systems and GPI pins enable the generation of SNMP traps on behalf of other, non-networked, hardware. A front panel USB port can hold a pre-recorded message which the unit can play out in the event that both main and auxiliary signals fall silent.