New @ PMT: MovieBird 45 and New Technocrane

MovieBird 45

The telescope crane family at PMT Professional Motion Technology keeps growing. Besides Supertechno 30 and Supertechno 50 the rental department for specialized camera systems located in Hamburg extended their range of products introducing the MovieBird 45 (Millenniumcranes) and the New Technocrane.

MovieBird 45 is an especially lightweight telescopecrane which can be operated by only one person despite its amazing lense height of 15 m. The crane convinces through quietness and versatile applicability. In addition to that the remote head can be freely selected, for example the Nettmann MiniMote is a suitable solution. With its total weight of 1720 kg MovieBird fits easily in any 7,5t standard truck. MovieBird is an ideal complement in the PMT range of telescope cranes, fitting between Supertechno 30 and 50.

New Technocrane


New Technocrane is the perfect tool for a new generation of lightweight video cameras. This especially fast and programmable telescopic camera crane convinces with its total weight of only 327 kg including counterweights, which allows easy transport (e.g. in a mini van) and fast rigging. In combination with the Pan Bar control unit, the system may be operated quite easily and comfortably.