New Mira Mobile HD OBVan Works Anywhere with Grass Valley Live Production Equipment

The new “M12HD” 53-foot expando truck will feature a new Grass Valley Kayenne™ HD Video Production Center switcher

MIRA Mobile Television, a premier provider of remote television mobile production facilities, based in Wilsonville, OR, continues to expand its fleet of high-end video production trucks to meet the increasing technical demands of live sports, both college and professional,  and entertainment clients across the US and Canada.

In today’s highly competitive environment, production companies like MIRA Mobile Television are challenged with providing on-site facilities that can support a 720p HD production one day and a 1080i HD project the next, while still turning a profit. They are looking for flexible technology solutions that help address this requirement in the most efficient way, while providing an upgrade path to future technology advancements.

MIRA Mobile Television is currently building a new multi-format HD mobile production truck—its 7th such unit—and is equipping it with a full complement of live production equipment from Grass Valley™. Grass Valley was selected for this project for its ability to deliver technology that is both cost-effective and flexible enough to address any production situation.


“This is a business where you never want to say ‘no’ to a client, no matter what the specifications, so flexibility and reliability were critical to the design and implementation of this new truck,” said Bill Duncan, Director of Engineering, MIRA Mobile Television. “We are acutely aware of what the Grass Valley equipment can do for us, and what we can do with it, so we are confident this purchase will have a solid return on investment.”

The new “M12HD” 53-foot expando truck will feature a new Grass Valley Kayenne™ HD Video Production Center switcher (4.5 M/E channels) and 12 LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras configured with the 3G Transmission system and the unique LDK 4420 3G Twin Base Stations, which all provide the multi-format support to help MIRA Mobile Television crews produce all types of HD projects with the same Grass Valley equipment. This flexibility ensures high-quality results and reliable, cost-effective operation.


The LDK 8000 Elite multi-format HD cameras in combination with the 3G Transmission system offers maximum flexibility in video format as well as maximum operational flexibility with a choice of triax and fiber transmission.

The Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center switcher also supports virtually every HD format, as well as 3D productions. All Kayenne frames include a half-M/E and scale from 1.5 to 2.5 M/Es in compact (4 RU) frames and from 2.5 to 4.5 M/Es in standard (8 RU) frames. Kayenne modules can be removed and replaced quickly without impacting on-air production. For those looking at environmental impact, the Kayenne system has eco-friendly features that are easy on your wallet and the environment. With a maximum power consumption of 1,000 watts for the 8 RU frame model, Kayenne is the "greenest" switcher on the planet.


“MIRA Mobile Television has gained a reputation for high-quality work and this new equipment will seamlessly support that by allowing the company to cost-effectively produce all types of sophisticated projects,” said Jeff Rosica, Executive Vice President of Grass Valley. “The need for high-end live sports production is clearly increasing and, with the ability to produce games in any HD format and over any cabling infrastructure, MIRA Mobile and its new Grass Valley live production equipment are clearly ready for whatever comes their way.”

The new “M12HD” truck will hit the road in June. This fall, M12HD will help launch the new Pac-12 Networks as its A Level mobile unit handling the network’s marquee college football and basketball events. In addition, it will be used for a wide variety of national and regional sports telecasts as well as professional sports team coverage in full (720p or 1080i) HDTV.


About MIRA Mobile Television
MIRA Mobile Television is a remote television production company founded in 1982.  MIRA currently operates nine mobile units (seven HD expandos, and two digital expandos).  MIRA maintains offices and/or field shops in Portland, Oregon, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Vancouver, BC.  The company has been providing remote television production services for 30 years, covering regional and national sporting events, entertainment programming, corporate and other special events.  MIRA Mobile Television is a partner in Alliance Productions.