New Media Production Controllers and Premium All-in-One I/O and SYNC Solution

Fairlight showcases new Media Production Controllers for Video Editors from Adobe®, Grass Valley® and Sony®

At IBC 2013, Fairlight will present innovative tactile controllers, targeted at video production facilities looking for significant productivity gains. Fairlight’s new XSTREAM and latest generation XYNERGI, used and acknowledged by many audio post production heavyweights as being the fastest and most ergonomic in the industry, will extend its control capability to non-linear video editors such as Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Grass Valley® Edius® and Sony® Xpri® NS.

The interactive control surface consists largely of Fairlight’s unique picture keys, which self-label instantly for each task performed, displaying the right commands and functions at the right time.

In addition, Fairlight’s new iCan (Integrated Control Across Network) technology provides the operator with a versatile layout editor to design customized keyboard layouts for the video editing software in use. To further accelerate workflow, the system can record and playback macros and multiple applications can be accessed simultaneously. Also included is an Xplain help function and support of 18 different languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.


“The versatility of Fairlight’s tactile media controllers will offer video editors the benefits of incredible speed for complex editing tasks to get the job done much faster. The user is not restricted by the limitations of keyboard shortcuts and mouse based operations, but can easily personalize the work surface, to make the controller a true workflow accelerator. The result is fewer keystrokes, more control and greater productivity”, commented Jean-Claude Kathriner, CEO of Fairlight.

Fairlight will showcase the new integrated video editing desktop controllers at IBC 2013 (Fairlight booth 7.H17 as well at the Sony booth 12.A10).

Fairlight launches SX-36 - a premium All-in-One I/O and SYNC solution for Crystal Core Systems
With the launch of SX-36, Fairlight is adding a new I/O, synchronization and control interface to their range. SX-36 is designed as a high-end solution for audio post production systems powered by Fairlight’s Crystal Core Media Engine. It offers an extensive variety of analog and digital I/O, pure sound, pristine remote controlled mic preamps, precise lock to timecode and ultra low latency, making it the perfect setting for the most demanding media productions.


SX-36 - a premium All-in-One I/O and SYNC solution

SX-36 is a 1U rack mountable interface, and comes with a host of features:
• 2 Remote-controlled Microphone / Instrument preamps
• 8 balanced analog inputs
• 12 balanced analog outputs
• 9 stereo digital inputs and 11 stereo digital outputs (fully transformer-coupled AES)
• 1 stereo digital input with sample-rate conversion and 1 stereo digital output (SP/DIFF format)
• Dual independent 9-pin control ports
• MIDI In and Midi Out
• Sync at any frame rate including HD Tri-level sync, Video sync, Wordclock, AES
• Read and generate MTC and LTC
• 1 GPI and 1 GPO signal
• Metering with 12 assignable 4-LED bar-graphs

SX-36 will be on display at the Fairlight booth at IBC 2013 (Hall 7 - Booth number 7.H17).


Fairlight is a Sydney, Australia based leading manufacturer of professional video and audio recording, editing and mixing systems offering desktop, console and mouse based environments. Fairlight is at the forefront of digital audio technology, having received numerous Scientific and Technical Academy Awards. Pioneering 3D sound development and customized control surfaces acknowledged by industry leaders as being the fastest and most ergonomic available.