New LED Technology Available from LEDVision

The LEDVision team are currently preparing the new screen for use on the James Blunt tour

Full-service daylight screen rental company LEDVision, one of the Gearhouse Group of Companies, is the first South African LED rental company to stock the recently launched DuoLED product from Lighthouse.

The company now stocks 250 panels of the brand-new DuoLED 18 screen. As its name suggests , this screen has a dual function and can be used either as a semi-transparent screen or as a conventional LED screen depending on the position of shuttering behind which can be adjusted at the flick of a switch.

It is a the perfect  "lightweight LED mesh" solution, an increasingly common requirement on international technical riders. The modular panel screen has an 18mm pixel pitch and  works on a simple clip-together system, needing a mere fraction of the time, transport and manpower required to assemble a conventional screen.


Each 576mm x 576mm panel weighs in at a fly-weight 8.3kg, (around a third of the weight per square meter of traditional LED Screen products) and has a depth of less than 150mm; yet boasts a formidable 5000 nits brightness for daylight viewing, accurate reproduction of 281 trillion colours and IP65 ingress protection rating.

It is also the ideal screen type for creative usage as a set element, for lighting effects and on exhibition stands, with a 120deg viewing angle both horizontally and vertically. The product is outdoor rated IP65 front and back, making it a resilient option for the variable South African climate.


"The processing is fantastic," says LEDVision's Operations Manager, Allen Evans " everything is completely software controlled, with an excellent user interface. Also, the AC input eliminates the need for power boxes and data boxes making for a very neat look."

The LEDVision team are currently preparing the new screen for use on  the James Blunt tour.