New Grass Valley Shows Off IP Expertise at NAB 2014


Grass Valley will further expand its already extensive IP portfolio with the launch of the IRG-3401 IP Gateway module and Kaleido-IP X310 multiviewer at NAB 2014. These join the previously announced NVISION 8500 IP Gateway as new IP solutions for NAB.

Marco Lopez, president of Grass Valley says, “Broadcasters who want to make the transition to IP workflows need a technology vendor that understands both IP and legacy broadcast technologies.

“Grass Valley has a deep understanding of broadcast requirements and workflows, and has for years produced and marketed a growing range of IP-based products that are already installed worldwide. We’re taking that cumulative knowledge and experience from both realms and applying it directly to our new and existing IP solutions. We’re ensuring that our customers make the most informed decisions when considering IP.”


The new IRG-3401 IP Gateway is a high-density, bi-directional DVB-ASI/IP gateway card, which runs on the Densité modular platform. It provides a transport stream of up to 12 MPEG per card, facilitating an efficient bridge between ASI and IP for multiple workflow applications in broadcast and multichannel service providers.


Broadcasters transitioning from DVB-ASI to IP-based technology need to keep incoming DVB-ASI signals from remote locations fully operational — and jitter free — while connecting them to new IP networks. Legacy equipment such as DVB-ASI encoders or splicers must also remain fully functional to mitigate the costs of transitioning to IP infrastructure. Compounding the problem is that there are, and will continue to be, a lot of DVB-ASI signals to incorporate.

The new IRG-3401 IP Gateway card resolves those issues, and more. Each bi-directional IRG-3401 IP Gateway card includes 12 DVB-ASI configurable connections. Ten such cards will fit within a single 3RU Densité frame, which equates to a total of 120 IP gateways, the highest density available in the industry. The direction of each gateway is selectable with two modes of operation, either as 12 individual DVB-ASI streams or as six redundant pairs with automatic switch over.

The card has thousands of potential applications. In addition to IP jitter removal, which is a vital Quality of Service factor in network performance, the card can also be used to establish more economic IP links over WAN networks between cities and regions. The card’s integral RTP and FEC features provide the error recovery necessary to resolve issues that can sometimes occur over WAN links. IRG-3401 IP Gateway can also be used as a key component of a remote monitoring solution, which can include Grass Valley’s Kaleido-IP multiviewer from the company’s growing portfolio of IP infrastructure solutions.


Kaleido-IP X310
The latest addition to the Kaleido-IP multiviewer range is the new Kaleido-IP X310 multiviewer, which doubles the number of simultaneous audio and video decodes possible in the previous X300 model, which was already the highest in the industry. This extends the level of monitoring support to 128 SD or 64 HD programs in a device that, at 1RU, is half the size of its predecessor yet maintains the same pristine program monitoring quality.


Lopez said, “The Kaleido-IP X310 multiviewer offers a seamless transition to IP source monitoring, and effortlessly solves the problem of monitoring the growing number of compressed signals by providing exceptionally high-density source viewing and probing capabilities.”

Other solutions in the IP portfolio include: IRD-3802/3811 MPEG Decoders; SME-1901/11 Streaming Media Encoders; Axino-400 IP Transport Stream Loudness Processor and the NVISION 8500 IP Gateway for uncompressed audio and video.

About Grass Valley
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