New GoPro “Super Hero” Lens Solution from SeeSense

GoPro Hero3+ Black camera with the Back-Bone Ribcage modification showing CS-mount, C-mount and tripod mount

SeeSense, UK and European miniature camera solution specialists, announce the availability of the new Ribcage system enabling quick and easy fitting of C and CS-mount lenses on to GoPro cameras.

Despite the GoPro camera seeing increasing use by broadcasters and filmmakers it has been unpopular due the permanently fixed ultra wide angle lens.  Now the Ribcage system means that all GoPro users can quickly and easily fit a wide range of lenses onto their GoPro Hero and Hero3+ Black cameras. Ribcage is a low cost solution (only £185 / €240 from SeeSense) that comes in the form of a do-it-yourself modification kit; alternatively SeeSense can supply a GoPro3+ Black Ribcage or even convert your own camera.

SeeSense managing director Nigel Paine said “Ribcage enables you to fit pretty much any lens you could want on to your GoPro.  It will accept C-mount, CS-mount and M12 mount straight on to the camera.  You can also breathe life into your old manual SLR lenses from Nikon, Canon or Pentax, etc with the use of an adaptor. Ribcage comes complete with CS and C-mount adapters as well as the option to remove the IR cut filter for specialist use including night filming, astronomy, etc.  It also comes fitted with a three position tripod mounting plate, something you never saw on a GoPro.”


SeeSense were appointed as a European distributor for the Ribcage system from Back-Bone in July 2014 and have already seen encouraging sales of this product.

Ribcage modified GoPro Hero3+ Black camera with Pentax SMC DA Star digital camera lens fitted


SeeSense was co-founded in 2010 by Nigel & Jana Paine.  Both are experienced imaging professionals who have combined their individual skills to create an enterprising and innovative business specialising in the sale and distribution of miniature cameras and associated solutions.  SeeSense supply a wide range of markets including broadcast, medical, industrial, research and security industries.

The core of SeeSense’ business is as an official distributor for the Toshiba range of industrial cameras.  However SeeSense maintains a close working relationship with its other suppliers including Raptor Photonics, Fujinon, Theia, Vision On Systems and now Back-Bone.  The Company also uses its experience enhancing and improving products for specific customer requirements.

Based in the UK and Slovakia, the Company develops strong and lasting relationships with its customers both in the UK and across Europe.