New Freedom-1 Portable AC Power Solution

Freedom-1 Portable AC Power, Inc. announces availability of the new Freedom-1™ take-anywhere portable AC power solution, which allows production professionals to take high-quality 110V or 230V AC power anywhere in the world.

Almost every piece of digital and cine equipment can run off of AC power. The Freedom-1 AC power system is the ideal source for the wave of lightweight, ultraportable lighting fixtures, from Litepanels® 1x1 and Sola™ Fresnel Series to Joker 200 HMIs by K5600 and the like. Plus, Freedom-1 is just the thing to run video monitors, charge mobile phones and even camera batteries while on location.

Many pieces of electronic gear used in production are particularly sensitive to unclean power sources. Freedom-1’s electronics-friendly technology provides precisely conditioned, pure sine-wave AC power, just like the AC provided in studio environments.


Available in 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz AC models, Freedom-1 gives production crews the ability to work quickly and nimbly in the field, without need to haul around bulky, noisy generators or stay tethered to hard-to-find utility-supplied electricity. Freedom-1 provides 3 outlets, making it possible to run or charge multiple devices at the same time.

AC Power on the Go


The Freedom 1 Power Solution is packaged with a removable F1 Power Module. Each Power Module can easily be removed and exchanged within the Freedom-1 system, and the F1 Power Module can be recharged from an AC or DC power source (such as an automobile’s 12V system), while inside the Freedom-1 or removed from it.

In its Normal Mode, each removable F1 Power Module can power a Litepanels 1x1 fixture for 2 hours, 20 minutes. In its HD Mode (high current), each removable Freedom-1 battery can power a Joker 200 Watt light for 30 minutes. For longer runtimes, additional power modules are available. A built-in fuel gauge allows the video professional to monitor the Power Module’s remaining battery life available, and Freedom-1’s small form factor (10”x 6.6”x 10” /25cm x 17cm x 25cm) makes it easy to store and transport.


The Freedom-1 power supply is engineered with safety at the forefront. The unit is protected against overload, short circuit and high-voltage input.

The Freedom-1 solution is offered at a special introductory price of $749, including an F1 Power Module. Plus, while supplies last, each Freedom-1 system will also ship with a second F 1 Power Module, free.