New Features for AURUS and NEXUS

Product enhancements presented at Prolight & Sound 2013

At this year’s Prolight & Sound show SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP presents two feature additions to their professional mixing console AURUS and the NEXUS routing system.

AURUS controls Pyramix
AURUS mixing consoles now offer a control interface for the digital audio workstation Pyramix, which allows for a close integration between the two systems. The interface is based on the proprietary Oasis protocol by Pyramix manufacturer Merging Technologies, which provides a high transmission bandwidth for control and display data. This enables comprehensive control of virtually all Pyramix parameters and plug-ins from the AURUS. For this purpose, the user configures one or more AURUS channel strips as so-called DAW channels, which then control the Pyramix signal processing via Oasis. Conversely, Pyramix passes its display data back to the AURUS, thus integrating the control side of the DAW into the mixing console. With this feature addition AURUS now supports DAWs by Pyramix, ProTools, and Nuendo.

NEXUS to support SNMP
STAGETECs successful audio routing system NEXUS now supports the simple network management protocol SNMP aimed for monitoring large networks. Thus, NEXUS integrates into a health monitoring standard established particularly in big houses with extensive IT. The link between NEXUS and the SNMP Manager software is made via NEXUS’ universal interface card XCI, which acts in NEXUS as a universal interface for various serial data formats. The XCI card routes all available static information on the NEXUS network as well as error messages to the SNMP Manager. Of particular interest is the possibility of including NEXUS logic functions in monitoring messages: in this manner, any event which can be detected by logic functions is also reported to the SNMP.


MEDIAGROUP - A Powerful Association
The SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP is a dynamic consortium of three enterprises. Together, in their respective fields of
•    development and manufacture,
•    project engineering and
•    distribution
they are pan-European market leaders in audio, video, and intercom technology.
Combining forces in a business group generates a highly effective synergy. The MEDIAGROUP can offer a broad range of dovetailed products and services perfectly complementing each other – from a simple cost-effective announcement system for a school or a sound-reinforcement installation in a church, all the way to the design, construction and project management of extensive multi-disciplinary solutions for broadcasters, theatres, stadiums, and multi-purpose venues.