New 16 Channel 3G HD Audio Monitors from Bel


Bel Digital Audio continues to expand and enhance its range of 16 channel audio and HD video in-rack monitors, with the introduction of the new BM-A1-E16SHD. The all new unit is a compact 1U audio monitor capable of extracting and monitoring all 16 audio channels embedded in two 3G/HD, or SD SDI video streams, plus provides the ability to monitor multiple analogue and digital sources.

The BM-A1-E16SHD features a front panel display to enable rapid configuration of the device and to provide signal status information. Bel has again chosen to permit the selection of inputs to be monitored by use of a simple rotary control on the front panel. This avoids the sometimes time consuming and complex nature of screen driven menus. Selected inputs are then displayed on eight high-resolution multi-coloured LED bargraphs (selectable in two banks for channels 1-8 and 9-16 respectively). Channels 1-8 are also provided as AES-3id and analogue outputs on the rear panel.

Inputs consist of a pair of auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs plus 8 analogue audio inputs and 4 AES-3id pairs. An SDI re-clocked loop-through connector is provided enabling connection to downstream equipment whilst a redundant power supply reinforces the monitor’s high-end broadcast credentials.


The new monitor comes in two versions; one with the optional Dolby® decoding facility fitted and the other without. With Dolby decoding enabled, the unit can decode Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus material from any of the AES inputs, or from any embedded audio pair within the SDI bitstreams. Comprehensive metadata reporting is also provided via the front panel display.

Barry Revels for Bel Digital Audio commented “The BM-A1-E16SHD (with Dolby decoding) and the BM-A1-16SHD are both already in full production with units already shipping and we are finding that the  monitors are gaining particular favour in installations where rack space is limited and ease of use is a key requirement sometimes as a direct result of that confined space.”


Revels went on to say “We have also been able to hit a really keen price point with these two units whilst maintaining both quality and features and I am delighted to say that has been reflected in the high levels of initial interest we have seen not just from our dealers but from outside broadcast providers and several systems integrators we work closely with.”