Nevion will be showcasing Virtuoso and VideoIPath at NAB2018

Nevion will be showcasing Virtuoso and VideoIPath on its booth (SU5510) at the NABshow 2018, April 7-12, Las Vegas Convention Center

VideoIPath and Virtuoso offer a complete solution for facilities and remote production applications

Nevion, award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, today announced enhanced support for audio over IP and audio processing in the latest software upgrades for its flagship products – Nevion Virtuoso, its software-defined media node and VideoIPath, its orchestration and SDN control system. Together, VideoIPath and Virtuoso offer a complete solution for IP-based audio and video routing for facilities and remote production applications.

Virtuoso can handle many input and output formats, including composite formats such as SDI and SMPTE ST 2022-6, and essence-based formats such as AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110. It offers any-to-any conversion, and routing and processing of individual audio channels. VideoIPath provides orchestration of routing and processing of the video or audio composite and essence flows.

Virtuoso audio processing capabilities now include synchronization, embedding, de-embedding, mono shuffling, audio delay as well as gain control on a channel by channel basis.


Nevion enhances IP audio capabilities

The new software release of Virtuoso also significantly extends the number of SMPTE 2110-30/AES67 RTP audio flows, allowing all audio to be routed in its native form on IP. This means, for example, that mono channels are routed as single channel streams and stereo audio is routed as two-channel streams.


The software now also supports SMPTE ST 2022-7 hitless switching (SIPS - Seamless IP Protection Switching) for all IP audio streams.
Further enhancements expected soon will include MADI to SMPTE 2110-30 conversion, and support for Dolby-E transport and audio embedding (draft SMPTE 2110-31).

VideoIPath can orchestrate audio essence flows (in addition to video flows) across an IP network, as well as through Nevion Virtuoso. It also provides a northbound interface to any broadcast controller (using EMBER+ or a RESTful API), that enables existing control panels to be used to manage the signal flows along with control of Virtuoso endpoints. These capabilities combine with the recently announced data orchestration capabilities to provide fully convergent SDN control.


Johnny Dolvik, Chief Product And Development Officer for Nevion says: ”The latest enhancements to Virtuoso and VideoIPath bring a whole new level of versatility to these products. These products’ ability to handle video and audio transport over IP is already well established, but with the addition of comprehensive audio processing, they provide a real value-add, especially in the facilities. We are already seeing this translating into customer wins, which we will announce once deployed.”

Nevion will be showcasing Virtuoso and VideoIPath on its booth (SU5510) at the NABshow 2018, April 7-12, Las Vegas Convention Center.


About Nevion
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