Article Overview IBC 2011 Show Preview

See the first-ever live television synchronized companion iPad® app for Norwegian TV2's coverage of the Tour de France

At IBC2011, will highlight its Synchronized Companion App Framework, the latest advance for its flagship Interactivity Suite (IS). Companion app buzz is growing with this new emerging technology, which enables the viewer to sync tablets, PCs, or smartphones to the action on television. stand visitors will enjoy a full 360-degree view of an interactive broadcast and companion app workflow, thus gaining firsthand understanding of the benefits IS and the Synchronized Companion App Framework can bring to their own broadcasts — from every viewpoint from viewer to producer. Furthermore, an exclusive demo and behind-the-scenes look at the first-ever live television synchronized companion iPad® app for Norwegian TV2's coverage of the Tour de France will be on display. Reaktor, the development firm responsible for delivering the highly acclaimed app, will be on hand to further demonstrate the iPad app and share its experience working with the framework.

Synchronized Companion App Framework

The Synchronized Companion App Framework is the newest feature of's flagship Interactivity Suite (IS). This element makes it easy for broadcasters to develop distinctive, branded applications that push/pull information or media relevant to real-time TV broadcasts to a second screen, such as a tablet, smartphone, or PC. Powered by the IS, the Synchronized Companion App Framework works by monitoring frame-by-frame changes in broadcast programming or live production. It then uses the changes to trigger delivery of relevant content to the second screen. Support for most major broadcast protocols allows the Synchronized Companion App Framework to be an active return channel to the broadcaster. As a result, tablets, smartphones, and PCs become perfect peripherals for enabling participation TV, interactive content, and even remote control.


Interactivity Suite

The Interactivity Suite (IS) is a toolkit for creating the technical backbone of interactive broadcasts and digital marketing campaigns. IS supports true participation TV by enabling viewers to influence a broadcast in real time and allowing them to interact with one another and the rest of the world. With IS, a broadcaster can effortlessly aggregate user-generated content from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook into programming, and even build synchronized companion apps that enable viewers to interact with their televisions using an iPad® (or tablet), PC, or smartphone. is an award-winning technology company that connects broadcasters, brands, outdoor media owners, and digital screen networks with online and mobile consumers by means of a unique and sophisticated interactive platform that modifies broadcast playout, digital screens, or any other display type based on user-submitted content or other data sources.'s fully automatic multisource content control solutions empower both broadcasters and content creators by enabling viewers to participate in broadcast or digital out-of-home (DOOH) events using tablets, smartphones, or social media. Additionally, enables broadcasters to streamline user-generated content aggregation and to repurpose their content for a variety of media. The product suite integrates seamlessly with traditional TV, Web TV, IPTV, and mobile TV platforms. technology today is supporting a variety of high-profile interactive TV formats — up to and including entire channels.In operation since 1999, empowers broadcasters and content creators in the converging digital media market worldwide, with installations in Scandinavia, Europe, the Middle East, Malaysia, China, and North America. The global customer base includes top brands such as BBC, Sony, Aspiro, CTVglobemedia, Etisalat, Music Choice, Rubicon TV, TVNorge, TV2, and ViaSat.