Neumann, Sennheiser and DiGiCo host ‘Digi Days’


March 2012 saw Sennheiser UK hosting a series of Digital Mic Days at Koolworld Studios in Luton, Bedfordshire. The ‘Digi Days’, held in conjunction with UK digital console manufacturer, DiGiCo, were designed to demonstrate to engineers from different sectors of the pro audio industry just how simply digital microphones can now be integrated into today’s audio systems.

Sennheiser UK’s Sound Reinforcement Specialist, Dave Wooster, was on hand to show attendees the benefits that digital microphones can offer. A full compliment of microphone models from both Neumann and Sennheiser were deployed in the studio’s live room, with musicians on hand each morning to provide live signal feeds that were captured, via the digital mics, into Protools.

Microphones used included Neumann TLM 102 D large diaphragm condensers, KM D digital output stages fitted with a variety of capsules and, the digital mic that started it all for Neumann, the D-01. From Sennheiser’s range of microphones various capsules from the 8000 series as well as a pair of MKH 800 Twins were employed, all connected to MZD 8000 digital output modules.


“The idea was to demonstrate, in a real world environment, two things,” states Wooster. “Firstly, how easily digital microphones can be incorporated into a modern working environment; secondly, and perhaps more importantly, just how good their performance is. The lowering of the overall noise floor is noticeable and, as a result of hosting the days, many engineers are now looking to see how they can incorporate digital microphones into their upcoming projects.”


For the sessions, DiGiCo supplied one of their new SD10B, which features broadcast specific application sets and is currently the most powerful broadcast console for its size.

Hosted for the first time in the UK, the Digi Days afforded engineers the opportunity to get some good ‘hands on’ time with the console and to explore some of the SD10B’s new software features. The mic signals were brought into the console via DiGiCo’s AES 42 input cards, which can simply be inserted into a DiGiCo SD Rack.

DiGiCo’s Tim Shaxson/Ian Staddon comments, “This was a great opportunity for DiGiCo to highlight the many advantages of its consoles, as well as for our two companies to show the true potential of an all digital system. We’ve had great feedback the attendees and we’re delighted with the overall result.”


"The fact is, that these Digi Days have opened quite a few pairs of eyes and ears to the tremendous benefits that digital mics can offer,” concludes Sennheiser UK Business Development Specialist. “In particular, for existing DiGiCo customers. For a relatively modest financial outlay, existing systems can be rendered virtually noiseless with the introduction of a truly digital front end. Robust engineering from Neumann and Sennheiser ensure that, for the first time, sound engineers and sound companies can be confident of taking digital microphones out into the live arena. Audiences and engineers alike can now look forward to an even purer audio experience."